Bombay Sapphire Stirs Up Edible Paint

By Neat Pour Staff |

In 1958, Yves Klein revolutionized visual art through an installation focused around IKB, a unique shade of blue applied to a variety of media. In 2018, the marketing folks at Bombay Sapphire are trying to create a revolution in cocktails with their own shade of blue. The gin giant just unveiled a new, edible ‘Blue Edition’ paint that both colors glasses and adds flavor to the cocktails within.

“We’re super excited to launch the Bombay Sapphire Paint Collection and bring it to gin lovers across the country. We want people to have fun and be creative with the way they enjoy this iconic serve,” said Sapphire UK Brand Ambassador Renaud de Bosredon in a release. “Each essence has been carefully designed to complement our botanicals, showcasing the perfectly balanced flavor profile of Bombay Sapphire and providing the ideal canvas for creative cocktails.”

The translucent paint was created as part of a partnership between Sapphire and Duck & Waffle’s (London) Head of Cocktail Development Rich Woods. The aqua-esque color, itself, was the work of confectioners Smith & Sinclair.

Woods at Work (courtesy Bombay sapphire)

Woods’ blend added a geranium flavor to drinks. Four other partner bars were enlisted for the launch and each created their own different taste profile for the paint. Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals (Fitzrovia, London) opted for Calamansi; Scout (Hackney, London) featured Bergamot; Panda and Sons (Edinburgh) highlighted a Grapefruit taste; and Tariff & Dale (Manchester) went with Pineapple.

For now, the paints are being employed to accent gin & tonics at the five bars. However, big plans are in the works. A release announced plans to spread the program to 150 bars and restaurants across England within the year. Likewise, other colors are in the works.

The paint project will seem logical to anyone following Sapphire’s marketing strategy. The concept fits squarely within their ‘Stir Creativiy’ campaign and edible paints have long been a common sight at the brand’s ‘Most Imaginative Bartender’ competition for years.

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