Tomassi Adds Luxe Amarone to Portfolio

By Neat Pour Staff |

Tomassi Family Estates has reached a new tier of success. The Italian wine producers are now large enough that they can launch a niche, super-premium cuvée as an autonomous side-project. Enter their latest endeavor: the first vintage of De Buris Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva is now available (for $300 a bottle.)

7,950 750ml bottles and 300 magnum sized bottles of the debut 2008 will be released.

However, you won’t see the Tomassi name anywhere on the front of those bottles. “De Buris is not just a product, it’s a project,” said fourth generation vintner Pierangelo Tommasi at the product launch this October. “We didn’t want to make a new high-end Tommasi Amarone. We wanted to take the chance to build an entirely new luxury venture.”

Of course, the Tomassis had some serious resources to build the venture. In 2000, the family purchased Villa De Buris (hence the name) as well as a second neighboring parcel in the commune of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. Together they form the 25 acre La Groletta vineyard with a 1,000 foot elevation.

The winemakers soon realized that this land was the gem in their crown of holdings. Specifically, the older vines on the upper terrace were predicting some exceptional fruit and the Tomassis earmarked those grapes for the the new project.

The grapes are partially dried before pressing in the Amarone style which also serves to up the alcohol content. In this case, the ABV clocks in at a relatively modest 15.65%.

De Buris is comprised of 62% Corvina, 25% Corvione, 5% Rondinella, and 8% Oseleta. Robert Camuto described the new offering as “more austere and elegant side, defying the stereotype of Amarone as a hefty, slightly sweet wine.”

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