Dogfish Head Now Makes Whiskey Also

By Neat Pour Staff |

Craft beer OG Dogfish Head is a brewery celebrated for complicated methods that produce unique and delicious beers. A few years ago, the Delaware based team decided to apply their techniques to spirits as well. After the requisite forays into gin and rum, the distillery just unveiled their first whiskey.

The malt whiskey, dubbed ‘Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 1’ starts as a beer build fermented alongside the producer’s popular brews. The base is then batch distilled, aged in new, charred American Oak barrels (a la bourbon), and finally finished in aged rum casks.

(Like we said, Dogfish Head likes making their concoctions complicated.)

The whiskey is an “ode of sorts to the mad chemistry of R&D distilling,” explained Dogfish Head Founder & CEO Sam Calagione in a statement. “We approach each creative moment at Dogfish with a thirst to push new and out-of-the-ordinary ideas to the furthest limit, as no liquid concoction is out of bounds, and each take on it is part of the artistic journey.”

The 45% ABV spirit quietly launched regionally in the Mid-Atlantic at the start of December. While we wait for distribution to widen, we’ll have to refer to the producer’s own tasting notes which describe the taste as “candied nuts & peppery cinnamon finish with mild smoke & cocoa.”

If you really want to nerd out on the whiskey (and if you’re a Dogfish fan, you probably do), the distillery provided the ingredients. The initial bill consists of two-row barley, Applewood smoked barley, coffee kilned & crystal malts, and R-O Water. Fermentation utilizes the brewer’s proprietary ‘Doggie’ yeast.

An MSRP was not provided, but online retailers are listing the bottles at about $45 a pop.

As a bonus, check out this nifty video that Dogfish Head put together to hype the new whiskey.

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