Student Nabbed For $2k+ Dine n’ Dash At The American Bar At The Savoy

By Neat Pour Staff |

A bottle of 2004 Chateau Mouton Rothschild is one hell of a way to celebrate your birthday (or anything). And, the storied American Bar at the Savoy is a perfect setting to sip on the First Growth Bordeaux. Apparently, that was Yahya Egeh’s plan for his 20th birthday, the only problem is that the celebrating student ran out on the subsequent £2,146.50 ($2744.29) tab.

During court hearings, Egeh’s lawyer, Shaher Bukhari explained that the architecture student from Willesden Green, North-West London was convinced by a friend known only as ‘Tallulah’ to rendezvous at the legendary watering hole and fete his birthday.

While waiting for Tallulah to arrive, Egeh ordered the bottle of wine priced at £1,750. He also opted to nosh on several hundred Pounds of food.

Editor’s Note: Although, we’re more into Burgundy, the Mouton-Rothschild is an excellent choice, a truly classic expression of Bordeaux. The 2004 vintage has aged very well although it’s not destined for reverence as “one of the greats.”

Unfortunately, Tallulah stood up Egeh. Even more unfortunate, Egeh’s entire bankroll consisted of one £20 note that his mother gifted him to go out for his birthday.

According to Bukhari, when Egeh began to realize that he was alone and could not pay the bill, he “panicked” and attempted the ol’ dine n’ dash. Alas, security at the Savoy quickly intercepted him before he could escape. The bobbies followed shortly thereafter.

The magistrate noted that his client apologized when caught and has no priors.

Egeh will sentenced for the offense on Friday (1.11).

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