Woman Banned From Walmart For Drinking Wine From Pringles Can (While Driving Electric Cart)

By Neat Pour Staff |

These days, the internet is looking for something to laugh about. And, it appears that the answer fell like mana from the heavens this weekend. The latest viral story is the tale of a woman banned from a Texas Walmart for drinking wine out of a Pringles can while driving an electric shopping cart around the parking lot. The incident was first noted by a Walmart employee around 6:30am on Friday (1.11) according to Officer Jeff Hughes, a spokesperson for the Wichita Falls Police Department (WFPD). According to Hughes, the WFPD answered a 911 call from their local Walmart around 9am. The responding officers were on the lookout for a woman clad in a blue jacket and black pants drinking vino out of an empty Pringles container. Oh yeah, she also allegedly spent several hours   piloting one of those electric wheelchair-shopping cart hybrids around the lot. Alas, WFPD found no one matching that description in the lot. After practicing some detective work, the boys in blue tracked the suspect to a nearby restaurant. The woman was not arrested (although many have speculated whether the incident was technically a DWI or open container violation or both), but the authorities did inform her that she is now banned from Walmart. Police were mum about several key details. What type of wine? What flavor of Pringles? Was the car driven in any “erratic patterns”? Fortunately, the Tweetosphere had plenty to say about the event…

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