Every Bacardi Employee Will Be Out Tonight

By Neat Pour Staff |

Expect to see a lot (think Tales’ numbers) of Bacardi people out on the town tonight. Thursday (2.07) is Bacardi’s own annual holiday, Founder’s Day. And, for the second consecutive year, all of the distiller’s 7000+ employees, from truck drivers to marketing execs, will be attending a ‘Back to the Bar’ soirée that encompasses 1,000+ bars in over 130 cities.

“Think about it like a birthday party where all of your friends and family get together to celebrate,” explained Bacardi Brand Ambassador Areina Thomas. “It’s not just for the employees or the ambassadors, it’s a celebration for everyone involved.”

The inclusiveness of the fete is at the heart of Bacardi’s philosophy. Despite their vast portfolio (Grey Goose, Patrón, Dewar’s, Bombay Sapphire), the multi-billion dollar corporation is still family owned, a fact that they are not shy about.

“Family is the center of everything we do. We call our staff ‘primos’ or cousins, we like to work with family, with cousins, not with coworkers,” noted Thomas. “[On Founder’s Day], we put the computers down, work is done. It’s great because it’s not often that everyone gets to do this altogether.”

Of course, this Grand Familia will be thirsty. Six classic cocktails employing the portfolio’s core brands will (standard activation style) will serve to slake those thousands of palates. In addition, local bartenders will contribute their own homages to the brands.

“Bartenders are at the heart of everything we do,” said Thomas. “It’s a time for these bars and bartenders to really shine and show us what they’re working with.”

In the States, celebrations will be centered in Miami and NYC. Las Lap, Miss Lilly’s, 21 Club, and Baccarat will lead the Gotham lineup. Miami’s loaded list of venues includes Café La Trova, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Ball and Chain, Tarpon Bend Raw Bar & Grill, Havana 1957, Copper 29, Dolores/lolita, House Kitchen and Bar, Tap 42, Little Havana Bar & Grill, Royal Pig Pub and Kitchen, Batch Gastropub Miami, Villa Azur, Deja Blue, and Gale South Beach.

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