This New Beer Is Brewed With ‘Lucky Charms’ Style Marshmallows

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Hipsters delight! Meet a beer with both IPA bonafides and not-so-subtle bit of childhood nostalgia. Meet “Saturday Morning,” a beer that produced with marshmallows like you’d find in a certain breakfast cereal.

Mind you, Saturday Morning creator, Smartmouth Brewing, went to great lengths to stress that the suds are not made or affiliated with Lucky Charms brand cereal. However, lest the similarities go unnoticed, the can features pictures of marshmallows that look suspiciously charm-is and reads “Magically Ridiculous”.

According to Smartmouth, the IPA is made with both cereal marshmallows and “house toasted marshmallows” directly in the mash. We’ve seen a picture of these ‘mallows and sadly they are multi-colored, but they don’t come in “pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds, and purple horseshoes… Instead, they are just normal mini-marshmallow shaped.


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Galaxy and Calypso hops are also key ingredients lending citrus and stone fruit flavors to the mix. The ABV clocks in at 6.6%.

The brewery assures drinkers, “This IPA is sure to set you back with nostalgia, on the couch, turning on the best cartoons for a Saturday morning.

The reto-suds are not Smartmouth’s first venture into blending childhood favorites with adult beverages. Their Safety Dance Pilsener anchors the year round lineup and Bricklayer IPA provides an homage to legos.

Unfortunately, if you want to take a trip down Nostalgia Lane, you’ll first have to take a trip to Virginia where Smartmouth is produced and distributed. The brews are available in bars, restaurants, and some shops. If you can’t find them there, check out One of Smartmouth’s tap rooms in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

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