Vodka News Roundup: Rosé, Salt, and Oxygen Vodkas Are Here

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You might think vodka pays the bills, maybe you think it pays the bills. Either way, there’s no denying the popularity of the spirit (accounting for 21%of US spirit sales accordion to DSCUS) or the industry’s obsession with rolling out new flavored vodkas. The newest additions to the crowded field include a salted vodka, a rosé (of course) vodka, and a, errr, hyper-oxygenated vodka.

Dirty Devil Vodka — Montreal’s François Tremblay created a vodka that seems to hit every trending buzzword. The 42% ABV spirits is triple filtered and quintuple distilled, not mention produced with 100% Canadian corn grains. But, wait, there’s more! Dirt Devil is made with hyper-oxygenated water. If you , like us, wonder what that means, the distiller explained that it’s, “ proprietary patented process that results in spirits with purity, roundness and an extraordinarily fresh taste with no burning aftertaste.” (Note: The official release does note that this oxygenated base does nothing to prevent hangovers.) Unfortunately, this vodka is only available in Canada currently.

MSRP is $48(C) for a 750ml bottle.

Saltworks Property — Saltworks is (you guessed it) vodka infused with salt. The 40% ABV, septuple distilled spirit is officially produced by Boston Brands of Maine, but that company is owned by Sazerac Co. Currently, the vodka is available in two expressions: Himalayan Pink Salt and Smoked Sea Salt. The official materials suggest cocktail applications and this makes sense. A Dirty Martini logically works well with the spirit as does a Bloody Mary, but the saline content is a little much when drinking the spirit straight.

Both expressions are available in 750ml bottles with and MSRp of $24.99

Svedka Rosé — Rosé jumped the shark a couple years ago. So, it was only a matter of time before some Dr. Frankenstein created this abomination. The creation is billed by Svedka as the “brand’s innovative answer to the popular rosé wine trend, which has taken the LDA Millennial consumer by storm.” Basically, the spirit is 95% regular Svedka vodka and 5% rosé wine. Expect a full bore ad campaign to target said millennials. A release from the distiller promises “cheeky” tagline like “Vodka with a Wine Fetish,” and “Not Wine, Not Sorry.”

MSRP’s are 50ML (SRP $1.99), 375ML (SRP $6.99), 750ML (SRP $12.99), 1L (SRP $16.99) and 1.75L (SRP $21.99).

In other vodka news… The Krasnoyarsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church is “outraged” that a local distiller is selling vodka packaged in church shaped bottles. “A shrine cannot be used for poisonous substances that destroy the spirit and body of a person,” church spokesperson Andrei Skvortsov told TVK News. The Moscow Times is all over this story.

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