Community Rallies To Help ‘Causing A Stir’ CoFounder Alexis Brown Recover From Accident

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Alexis Brown, co-founder of Causing A Stir, dedicated the last few years of her life to bolstering communities in the beverage industry. Now, the beverage industry community is rallying to help out Brown. A series of fundraisers aim to help the activist recover from a horrific accident.

On March 16, 2019, Brown was exhausted. In the previous 30 hours, she had flown home from working Tales on Tour in Puerto Rico, jumped back into her Causing A Stir work, and even picked up a late night bar shift.

That unscheduled shift ended after 5am. While Brown was driving home after, the fatigue caught up with her and she fell asleep at the wheel. Her car careened into an underpass according to the accident report.

Brown survived, but sustained numerous injuries. Her jaw was broken and had to be wired shut. She also broke her femur, ankle, thumb and ring finger all on her right side.

Last week, the hospital discharged Brown, but the road to recovery will be long. Intensive physical therapy will be required just so that she can learn to walk again. None of this will be cheap.

Causing Board Member (and Brown’s friend) Keena-Marie McCoy recognized the difficult challenges ahead and decided to take some action.

“She’s so passionate—period—but especially passionate about people in our industry. Not only is she a friend of mine, but I know she would do the same thing for almost anyone,” McCoy told Neat Pour. “So, there was not even a second thought when it came time to help. We need to take care of each other!”

To help her friend, McCoy set up a GoFundMe campaign. “She [Brown] will need help covering expenses for therapy, doctors and equipment,” explained McCoy. “That’s not even including the money that’s she lost by not being able to work for months.”

For those who will be in Chicago this week, there is also a benefit event planned for Thursday (3.28). Hyde Park’s The Promontory will host the evening. Attendees will have the opportunity to help out Brown via donations at the door, specialty cocktail purchases, and even some cool pins to be had.

While Brown is getting better, McCoy and Causing co-founder Ariel Neal will make sure that the non-profit continues their good work.

“Immediately, Ariel and I are taking on the tasks that are on the books,” explained McCoy. “We’ll cover while Alexis focuses on recovery, then ramp back up even better when our co-founder is back.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe here or find more info about the event here. 

Photo courtesy of David Powell

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