Spread The Love: Malort Now Available In Minis

By Neat Pour Staff |

So, you tried Malört… and, it was kind of nasty… unless, you’re from Chicago in which case it’s basically a birthright? Either way, we bet you wish you could share this pain/joy with someone else. Well, friends, that just got easier. Malört is now sold in those cute little ‘airplane’ bottles.

As first reported by TimeOut Chicago, visitors to CH’s Bar & Table in Chicago can now purchase 50ml bottles the unique booze for $3 a pop. 

If you’re wondering why Jeppson’s Malort is sold at the CH Distillery’s bar, that’s because CH purchased Malört last year. Amidst much fanfare, the new ownership quickly moved production of the controversial digestif back within Chicago city limits.

Unfortunately, within said City of Chicago, the sale of miniature bottles is illegal. The distillery benefits from a loophole as they are a producer owned venue selling their own distillates.

So, don’t expect to find the minis anywhere else in Chicago (or anywhere else) right now! Fortunately the folks at CH did mention a plan to expand distribution. The next step will be populating the shelves of suburban (ie outside city limits) retail shops. After that, a CH spokesperson said that the distiller hopes to circumvent the regs by packaging the small bottles in six packs (hence meeting the minimum quantity rules.)

Although, the minis are perfect to throw in bag on your way home from your next trip to Chi-Town, there is also some hope for those who prefer to stay away from cold environs. Malört has notably been ramping up their distribution to new markets ever since the buyout. Ownership said that their plan is to continue this expansion. So, you may even be able to buy a full sized bottle at a liquor store near you soon.

Of course, travel ready bottles will not affect the taste. So, get a chaser (and a camera!) ready before you share this treasure with your friends.

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