NYC’s Dead Rabbit Comes Alive With New Space And Dystopian Menu

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NYC’s The Dead Rabbit had a big year. In the last 12 months, the award winning, modern Irish craft bar temporarily shuttered after a devastating fire, then reopened after said fire, and then landed themselves on the shortlist for a James Beard Award. Not content to settle there, the Rabbit is now expanding with a new space and a new, very unorthodox menu.

Clearly, the roller coaster year did nothing to diminish the bar’s popularity. In fact, there is enough demand to warrant opening a new space, the Parlor. Located in the adjacent building, the Parlor seats 25 guests, including eight a single station bar.

“The extension enables The Parlor to transform from a two-station bar to a three-station bar on busier nights where we can serve 75 guests instead of 50,” said Muldoon and McGarry in a statement. “Beyond that, the guest experience on both sides of the doorway is identical, from the cocktails and bartenders to the atmosphere and hospitality.”

Guests in both the original bar as well as the new digs will also find themselves presented with a new menu. Sure, the menu will include fresh drink options from startender Jillian Vose (more on those later), but it’s far more complicated than a couple cocktails.

The bar’s previous menus took the form of a graphic novel detailing the exploits of a character also named the Dead Rabbit.

The new list is the first in a six part series of illustrated adventures designed by “UK based design crüe” ilovediust and penned Conor Kelly, author of the pub’s last book  From Barley to Blarney: A Whiskey Lover’s Guide to Ireland. 

The works detail the Rabbit’s journey through a “hallucinatory parallel world” called Darkland. Apparently, the Rabbit “was once a willing operative of this spectral mafia under the control of the Dark Rabbit,” but now now he’s on the run. Following?

The New Parlor Room Expansion (Courtesy The Dead Rabbit)

“Our new menu is a complete departure from the traditional graphic novel-style, frame-by-frame storytelling that drove our prior series,” explained Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, Co-Founders and Managing Partners, The Dead Rabbit in a statement. “The new series will begin to explain The Rabbit’s backstory, his longevity and imperviousness to pain. We have many exciting twists and turns planned and no punches will be pulled. Stay tuned.”

We almost forgot–Ppeppered throughout these pages of dystopian drama, guests will also find some cocktails. The new offerings from Vose and company focus on the establishment’s roots in Irish whiskey as well as some trending spirits such as Shochu, agave distillates, and Japanese whisky (& Japanese gin!)

Dead Rabbit’s Stun Grenade (Courtesy Dead Rabbit)

“Our new cocktails embody The Dead Rabbit’s signature style that is clean, complex and balanced and avoids incorporating even a single ingredient that is unnecessary,” says Vose. “Moreover, they mark the bar’s first use of Japanese shochu, Haitian clairin, Patagonian apple & pear brandy, as well as ingredients like sesame leaf and ube, a purple yam.”

Highlights include drinks like Blame Game (Shochu, Rosé Vermouth, Pear, Rose Hip, Lemon Oil,) Stun Grenade (Caribbean Cask Irish Whiskey, Cuban Rum Blend, Sweet Vermouth, Carrot, Pineapple, Sumac, Tarragon, Decanter Bitters,) and Box Office (Irish Whiskey, Scotch, Dessert Wine, Verjus, Falernum, Mango, Strawberry, Chipotle.)

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