What’s Better Than A Champagne Vending Machine? A Champagne Vending & Selfie Machine!

By Neat Pour Staff |

The marketing team at Moët & Chandon have their fingers on the pulse… at least, on the pulse of Instagram. First the venerable champagne house upped the ante in the boozy vending machine arms race with the first champagne dispenser; now, they are doubling down with a photo booth upgrade to their machines… plus they’re stocking the inventory with rosé!

The new AR Moët Mini Vending Machines will still perform their base purpose: vend splits of Moët the thirsty masses. However, the addition of a screen (that looks a lot like an iPad in a nice frame) will also allow visitors to snap some photos of themselves.

First the magic coin…
(Courtesy Moët & Chandon)

Mind you this is no common photo booth. “The new machine will allow guests to interact with video in real time, select from a variety of custom backgrounds, and then share the augmented reality-enabled e-cards with friends,” explained Moët in a statement. (So, basically filters.)

The other cool part is that the machine will send you the pics electronically and instantly. There is no requirement to download one of those apps that you will never use again.

Pick your filters…
(Courtesy Moët & Chandon)

There is also the matter of the bubbly. The units will carry the producer’s “Living Ties” Impérial Rosé. The non-vintage expression is heavy on Pinot Noir with an intense, fruity flavor and features some snazzy packaging.

The first of the new champagne dispensers was just installed at The Pendry, San Diego’s hot food-forward, boutique hotel. We’re eagerly anticipating word of other new locations.

(Courtesy Moët & Chandon)

In the meantime, the rest of the world will have to settle for the original (circa 2016), analog machines—sans selfies— currently pumping out bottles of bubbly at locations including Mama Lion in Los Angeles, The Ritz New Orleans, The Dalmar Hotel in Florida, and er, Kris Jenner’s house.

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