Bourbon Camouflage® Takes Bottle Hunting To The Next Level

By Neat Pour Staff |

The Bourbon Boom elevated hunting for dusties and rare releases from a weekend hobby into a bloodsport. Now, bottle hunters who are looking for a competitive edge have a new weapon in their arsenal. Meet Bourbon Camouflage®.

The patterned shirts will allow you to blend into the spirits aisle of your favorite store. And, they’re actually pretty good camo; the images include bottles, price tags, and even shelf fliers.

In reality, the shirts are a clever marketing campaign created by Cornett (an agency) for VisitLEX. As the name suggests, the latter is the group responsible for promoting tourism to Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. (Most NP readers are well aware that said region is the epicenter of the American whiskey world.)

“In Kentucky, we make 95% of the world’s bourbon supply, and because of that, Lexington, Kentucky offers some of the best bourbon hunting opportunities in the world. When people visit Lexington, KY, we want to make sure they have a trip of a lifetime, and part of that is making sure they get what they came for – rare Kentucky bourbon,” explained VisitLEX’s VP of Marketing Gathan Borden. “VisitLEX’s new Bourbon Camouflage is a fun and engaging way for us to help these bourbon hunters get something rare that is only available here in Lexington, KY.”

The shirts are available in three different designs to blend in amidst different environments. Choices are Kroger Aisle 7, Liquor Barn, and Rite Aid.

Just like many bourbons, the shirts are going to be limited edition and you’ll probably only be able to snag one in Kentucky or on the secondary market. However, if you’re in the area, the goods will be available at the VisitLEX Visitor Center beginning at 10am. Friday, June 14.

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