Guns N’ F’in Roses Sues Oskar Blues Brewery

By Neat Pour Staff |

W. Axl Rose is mad. We’re talking ‘Get In The Ring’ levels of anger. The man who once crooned, “Don’t forget to call my lawyers with ridiculous demands” just sic’d those same lawyers on a brewery that dared use the hallowed Guns n’ Roses name without permission.

While GnR are known to embrace the shotgun blues, their Patience wore thin when it came to Oskar Blues. Oskar Blues is Colorado brewers known for Dale’s Pale Ale and celebrated in beer circles for pioneering the use of cans (versus bottles) for craft. Last year, OB introduced Guns ‘N’ Rosé, “a crisp AF, subtly hopped rosé-style ale brewed with prickly pear and hibiscus.”

Editor’s Note: What type of nimrod decides to that Guns N f—kin’ Roses is the perfect inspiration for hibiscus rosé?! Who thought that the band who wrote a song about NighTrain would appeal to the prickly pear set? You’re crazy!

Then, to add insult to injury, OB decided to start selling bandanas inspired by their rosé. Mind you, Axl Rose did not invent the bandana, but he certainly wore it better than most. (By comparison, Steven Tyler failed so thoroughly with his bandana-wearing that he resorted to tying them to his mic stands.)

Still, the band maintained a live and let live attitude. When, OB tried to trademark the ‘Guns ‘N’ Rosé’ name in late 2018, a representative from the rockstars informally reached out to the brewery according to court documents. At that point, OB dropped their trademark pursuit, but inexplicably kept producing the beer and merch.

At this point, GnR (re)lawyered up and filed suit against OB’s parent company, Canarchy. Welcome to the Jungle hopheads!

The complaint alleges that the ale, produced without the band’s permission, infringes on their intellectual property and damages the band’s rep built on three decades of worldwide success.”

The bandanas are also singled out in the filing. GnR’s petition to the court makes explicit mention “that bandanas are uniquely associated with GNR and their lead singer and general partner Axl Rose.”

In fairness, the band does have a valid case. As noted in the complaint, other bands, like Iron Maiden, have collaborated on beers and been paid for the use of their names.

NP’s crack legal team advised that while the case appears headed to court, it will most likely be settled by lawyers behind closed doors.

As this story was being published, OB scrubbed all mention of Guns ‘N’ Rosé from their social media and website.

Canrachy did not respond to a request for comment. GnR also did not return our call and in the interest of avoiding the fate of Bob Guccione Jr. from Spin magazine, we chose not to bug them.

Bottom Line: The brewery might have been trying to slake some thirst, but they messed with the one in a million band renowned for their appetite for destruction. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

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