North Korea Enters Whiskey Game (Or So They Say)

By Neat Pour Staff |

A new player just entered the booming whiskey market. Not content with simply racing to develop atomics and ICBM’s, North Korea is now distilling whiskey—or so they say.

Samilpo is a new range of brown spirits allegedly produced by Kim Jong Un’s regime. News (and the only firsthand accounts) of the new bottles was provided by Young Pioneer Tours, a Chinese communist tourism company, in a blog post titled, ‘Celtic/Gaelic domination of the whiskey market scotched as North Korea unveil their first distillation!

Nothing suspect there. Everyone keep moving.

The directory behind Samilpo unabashedly bragged about a packaging design to look like Johnny Walker. In addition to a square bottle, the current expressions are named ‘Red Label’ and ‘Black Label.’ (A third unnamed expression is promised for the future.)

We know that the Red clocks in at 40% ABV and the Black at 42%. Beyond that, we don’t really know anything else about the product. 

No information was provided about the distillation process, mash build, or taste.

However, YPT did tout the health benefits of the new juice. “… there are 15 types of amino acids, including 8 types of essential amino acids, present in the whiskey,” explained the propaganda piece. “This beverage will reduce harm to your liver and will also reduce the negative side effects of alcohol abuse.”

Before you get too excited about healthy whiskey, remember that in 2016, North Korea also claimed that they invented ‘hangover free’ booze.

The hangover free spirits never really lived up to the claims. We’ll wait and see what happens with Kim Jong Un’s whiskey.

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