Spärkel Arrives To Challenge SodaStream

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Watch out SodaStream, there’s a new, home beverage carbonation system on the market. This week, Spärkel arrived to create some competition for the wildly popular devices.

The new devices serve a now-familiar purpose, carbonating water (to a fizziness level of your choosing.) At 10 inches wide and 15 inches hight, the gadget is designed for use in home kitchens. The operational mechanics are standard: fill up a 750 ml bottle, load it into the machine, insert a packet, press a button, and a couple minutes later, 

“If you walk into any grocery store, the explosion in the popularity of sparkling drinks is plain to see with more choices and flavors than ever before, but why buy off-the-shelf when it is healthier, cheaper and more fun to create your own drinks at home,” said Darren Hatherell, CEO of Spärkel. “With Spärkel, we created a system that lets people use the freshest ingredients and convenient carbonation process to experiment and unleash their creativity in a way that is kind to their wallet and the environment.”

Spärkel boasts a few unique features that distinguish them within the crowded the sector. Most notably, the device does not utilize metal gas cartridges—or any type of pre-pressurized CO2 for that matter. Instead, the device employs single-bottle packets containing granulation of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The compounds react within the machine and create the gas used to carbonate the beverages.

From a marketing angle, Spärkel is staying away from the emphasis on flavored syrups pushed by the PepsiCo owned SodaStream. Instead, the newcomer is focused on freshness and creativity. 

Specifically, the brand’s media materials are all about the ability to infuse fruit into the sparkling water. The inventors recommend that users load up the container with their preferred produce, add water, and infuse away. Likewise, several cocktail applications, such as spritzes, are hyped.

You can pre-order a Spärkel now, here on IndieGoGo, and take advantage of a 40% discount off the normal $99 MSRP. The first wave of machines is scheduled to ship in August.

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