Three Bar Patrons Hospitalized After Flaming Rum Cocktail ‘Explodes’

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Fire looks very cool especially in a cocktail. But, the bottom line remains that if you’re not careful playing with fire, you’re going to get burned. Even worse, your guests may get burned. That is what happened at El Neo bar in Palma de Mallorca, Spain according to the Policia Nacional.

Authorities said that three people were sustained third degree burns fire from the bar’s flaming, signature ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ cocktail. (According to the el Neo menu, the drink contains spiced dark rum, lemon juice, cinnamon, and overproof rum.)

The victims were a 33-year-old Swedish woman, her 34-year-old male partner, and a 48-year-old German man. All three people were hospitalized with the woman requiring a medevac helicopter.

According to online accounts, the drink “exploded” and the woman’s silk dress caught on fire. 

“The girl who caught fire stripped to her waist and was then ORDERED OUTSIDE,” witness katyw2019 wrote in a Trip Advisor post. “Frightened, hurt, naked and going into shock she was literally left to sit outside on the pavement while customers took care of her.”

The review also claimed that customers were forced to use drinking water to extinguish the flames because the bar did not have a water tap.

The owner of El Neo told expat paper The Olive Press “it was an accident and everything was quickly brought under control,” and added that the bar “does have a tap.”

The incident is not the first high profile flaming cocktail accident. Last summer, two patrons at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen were injured in an accident with a “Rum Donkey.”

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