Tom Hanks Denied Beer At StageCoach And Then Yells At The Bartenders

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Anyone who has ever worked behind a bar knows that sometimes you need to ID everyone. That’s often the case if Alcohol Control is out snooping or you’re working a big event—like a festival. Most customers understand that employees are just fading their job and people are pretty cool about getting carded, but there’s always someone who argues—like Tom Hanks.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Oscar winning actor described being negged at StageCoach, Coachella’s country music oriented spinoff.

Hanks was at the fest to watch his wife, singer Rita Wilson perform. He described the scene to Ellen (and apparently, the festival concept is new to him.) “What’s great about that is there’s music all day long,” he revealed. “So you just kind of go from one venue to the next.”

The trouble started when the star of Joe vs. the Volcano decided to cool down with a brew. “I wanted to have a nice tasty bucket of suds,” he explained. “So I went to the place where you get the beer from and there were four ladies who were serving it up and I stood up and I said ‘Pull me a draw!’ And they said, ‘We can’t because your ID has not been verified.’”

Hanks did not try the polite approach. “‘It says Beer For Sale here and I’ve come to ask for a beer and you’re not going to give me one because, what, you think I’m underage?’”

Then, he opted for the ol’ do-you-know-who-I-am line. “I said ‘I’m 62 years old and you know my name so I think I should be able to get a beer,’” he recalled. “They said, ‘No, you have to go — somewhere over there is a stand where you give them your ID and you verify that you’re old enough to have a beer.’”

The thespian turned to bribery at this point. He told Ellen, “I must credit these ladies: they did not cave!” he said. “I was offering them tickets to stuff… I said, ‘You will come to the Toy Story premiere with me! Just go like that [making a tap motion] with a red solo cup underneath and let me walk away with a beer!’ And they would not allow it.”

After the bartenders rejected his offer, Hanks turned hostile. “I argued with them for 20 minutes,” he continued. “I said, ‘Honestly, do you not have eyes? Explain this to me!’ My wife is performing in that tent in like 15 minutes,” he told Ellen.

At this pointing the interview, Ellen tried to give the famed ‘nice guy’ an out and suggested that he probably kept his voice at a reasonable volume. Instead, Hanks doubled down and confessed to yelling at the bartenders. “It scared them a little bit but they were just absolutely resolute. And, then when they called their manager, she went like this ”

According to the actor, a manger was called and she laughed at the situation and then refused to serve him. He said that the situation was eventually resolved when someone from verification was summoned over the PA.

“Eventually a guy came over about a half hour later… and he gave me a bracelet and then guess what I did? I chugged me a brewski,” 

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