Fyre Fest Guy Spoofs Himself In New Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin Video

By Neat Pour Staff |

You probably don’t know Andy King by name… but, you probably do know him as “the blowjob guy from the Fyre Fest doc.” In a new video spot this week, King teamed up with Ryan Reynolds to expand beyond meme-famous into the world of gin-ad-famous.

The 69! second video, titled ‘Dedication,’ involved Ryan Reynolds talking about how far he would go for his company. Basically, the idea is that Reynolds is so deep into Aviation Gin that he would blow (get it, huh, huh?) each glass bottle personally.

The punchline came at the end. In the final sequence, the video cut to King who declared,”He gets it. I’ll have an Aviation gin.”

Reynolds posted the piece to YouTube with the caption, “How far would I go for my company? The answer is yes.”

Reynolds the star of films like the R.I.P.D. and Safe House, ascended to the role of celebrity spokesperson and partner in Aviation Gin in February 2018. “My responsibilities here at the company are vast. I’ll spend my days being photographed intermittently clinching my jaw muscles while pointing at things and nodding,” he wrote at the time. “I’ll drink Aviation Gin. I’ll sit in board meetings, imagining my very own Red Wedding.”

King attained a grumpy cat level of fame after Netflix released Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, a documentary about the Cure Fest Fiasco.

In the film, King described his willingness to abide by the instructions of Fyre’s felonious founder Billy McFarland and “Take one big thing for the team.” Apparently, that “big thing” was, well, a penis. King said that he was instructed to perform oral sex on a customs agent in exchange for allowing trucks of water to the fest. 

King also said that he never actually performed the viral fellatio—but he was willing and ready. The result was instant internet fame—and now a gin commercial. You do you, Andy!

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