Yes, Varietal-Specific, Alcohol-Free ‘Wine Water’ Is Now A Thing

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Only a year old, O.Vine’s ‘wine water’ boasts a twofer in trends. The brand is no-proof and built directly upon sustainability. This week, a year after OVine’s introduction, the Israeli company upped the ante with varietal specific, alcohol free wines.

Like, the original red and white varieties, O.Vine’s Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay are basically made by infusing water with pomace, the skins and seeds. The new offerings became available in the US this week with a formal introduction slated for NY’s Summer Fancy Food Show.

The official propaganda describes the Cabernet’s flavor as “dark, red fruit with a note of chocolate and a gentle tart twist.” The notes paint he Chardonnay as “more tones of lime and apple, with notes of caramel.”

American partner Cascadia Managing brand was not shy about their target audience. #SpoilerAlert: The brand has eco-conscious millennial in their crosshairs.

“We see O.Vine essence water as a big winner in the United States and these two new varietals will just make the brand stronger,” said Cascadia Managing Partner Bill Sipper in a statement. “It aligns with what Millennials are seeking — products that are organic, made by companies that respect the environment. Millennials also are drinking less alcohol. This combination makes O.Vine an all-around winner.”

Anat Levi, CEO of Golan Heights Winery and Galil Mountain Winery began exploring applications for wine waste back in 2016. After a couple years of work with Practical Innovation, her team created the ‘near water.’ An emphasis was placed on maintaining the full flavor of wine despite the category’s aquatic base.

“The environment in which the grapes are grown, the quality of the earth, and the impeccable climate are factors that determine the flavor, color, body, and aroma of wines; likewise is our fine wine water collection,” explained Levi in a statement. “Chardonnay grapes grown in different locations will inherit distinctive characteristics that are very different from one another.”

O.Vine launched their American distribution through Beverage Universe and Neiman-Marcus. Placement at other high end retail shops are in the works.

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