And So It Be Gins: Tales Of The Cocktails 2019 Day One In Photos

By Dr. Bill Copen |

Tales of the Cocktail 2019 kicked off on Tuesday (7.17) with the annual Toast, a few seminars, and the first wave of activations–plus, the usual array of boutique retail pop-ups. Neat Pour‘s Dr. Bill Copen was there to capture it all on film with y’all.

Cocktail Kingdom setting up their fiefdom to a new location.

Some classic titles–and some new ones–are added to the stacks at the annual bookstore.

Tales Board Co-Chair and Director Caroline Rosen kick off the festivities with the annual ‘Toast to Tales’

Don Q provided a big taste of Puerto Rican hospitality at their opening day activation.

Contestants in the Grey Goose “Great Bar Race” navigated a front-of-house obstacle course.

From today’s seminar “Citrus: Between History and Innovation.” This is Roberta Mariani, Global Brand Ambassador for Martini. Seminar attendees learned about the numerous varieties of citrus fruits that have been created from a few basic species, and also about unusual ways to extract flavors from citrus fruits. You knew about juicing, but did you know about supercritical extraction, or the time-consuming practice of “sfumatra,” in which the pulp of the fruit is removed, and essential oils are painstakingly brushed from the rind with a sponge?

Diego Cabrera from Salmon Guru in Madrid, Spain teamed up with absinthe-aficionado William Elliott from Maison Premiere in New York, NY for this Tales Headliners Series shift. Joining them from New Orleans was Christoph Dornemann from the historic Arnaud’s French 75 Bar.


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