EO Miami Team To Rise Again With Swizzle

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Miami’s newest bar will feature some old faces and a familiar name. In 2016, the Employees Only team opened EO Miami and the satellite Swizzle Bar at the Washington Park Hotel. However, due to a lease dispute, both venues closed two years later. Undeterred, six of the EO Miami bartenders formed a partnership to open a new Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery down the Street at South Beach’s Stiles Hotel.

Led by Danilo Dacha Božovic, with fellow EO alumni Jesus Perez serving as Bar Manager, the new, independently owned Swizzle will first be popping up at the Miami’s National Rum Day Festival on August 16. Simultaneously, work will continue on the permanent location. An opening is expected in the next few weeks.

“The goal of Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery will be to create a world class presence mixing rum culture with a classic and traditional style of bartending,” Božovic tells Neat Pour.

Rum is undeniably experiencing a second golden age in the drinks world right now. That phenomena is on full display in Miami. New openings like Julio Cabrera’s La Trova and Danny Vazquez’s Sin & Sugar regularly receive well deserved accolades.

“I honestly love rum/rum bars and think that there is a lot of space for it to grow and especially with such top notch bars opening along that side,” Božovic explains.

The Swizzle vision differs from the existing cantinero, tiki, and NOLA inspired rum temples. The new 25-30 seat rum destination aims to offer more of an “intimate, cocktail vibe.”

The celebration of rum will not be confined to the drink list. The venue also will include a rum museum tracing the history of the distillate and it’s role in American history. “The experience will be a small walk through when the bartender has time,” adds Božovic. “Hopefully with a glass of our welcome drink, a Rum Manhattan, for our guests.”

In addition to that welcome drink, the menu will also feature neat pours of the spirit. The spirts list will offer 150 expression of a rum including several local juices that will be spotlighted via a ‘Florida Rum Tasting’ option.

However, there will also be plenty of other options on the “diverse” menu according to the founders. Expect Vodka, Pisco, Cachaca, and Gin to bulk out the cocktail offerings.

Along with Božovic and Perez, the other partners include Milos Velickovic (EO Miami), Jason Tune (EO Miami, Swizzle), Strahinja Marjanovic (EO Miami), Nikola Dragojevic.

Casual food options are also in the works. Swizzle promises the usual upscale bar food as well some Serbian inspired treats, a nod to many of the partners’ roots.

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