Liquor Heavyweights Form ‘World Spirits Alliance’

By Neat Pour Staff |

On Monday (7.08), the spirits industry got a new player… more to the point, some existing players got a new face. Meet the World Spirits Alliance (WSA), a new, international trade organization populated by your favorite powerhouse spirits conglomerates. The new group reps both producers like Campari and Pernod as well as existing trade groups like spiritsEUROPE and Distilled Spirits Council of United States.

The other members of the alliance are Asia Pacific International Wines & Spirits Alliance Limited, Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera, The Scotch Whisky Association, Association of Canadian Distillers, DIAGEO, International Spirits & Wines Association of India, Japanese Spirits Liquor Makers Association, Brown-Forman, Spirits New Zealand, Rémy Cointreau, Beam Suntory, Spirits & Cocktail Australia, and Edrington.

“Many of us have been working together for nearly two decades, hence setting up a formal trade association to act as a united global voice on the integrity and social responsibility of our spirits industry is a natural and important step forward,” said Marie Audren, WSA Secretary General in a statement. “Distilled spirits are a vibrant and highly dynamic sector with a unique diversity of products and producers across the world.”

The WSA aims to serve as a liaison between the spirits world and organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) according to a release.

“The aims of the WSA are to create a common platform for exchange and have a representative body that will allow us to comment on issues of global relevance, particularly in the areas of trade and regulatory policy, and help develop a positive environment for the sustainable success of the sector,” said Rodolfo González González, President of the WSA in an announcement.

The group will largely function as an international lobbyist weighing in on some key current issues. The WSA’s official slate of topics includes “the elimination of tariff, non-tariff barriers, and discriminatory taxes, fair, transparent and evidence-based regulation, adequate excise tax structures, proportionate evidence-based public health measures for distilled spirits and ambitious strategies to combat illicit alcohol.”

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