Shake’s Sphere: Tales Of The Cocktail 2019, Day Two In Photos

By Dr. Bill Copen |

On day two, Tales of the Cocktail found its pace. Trad jazz serenaded the festgoer’s ears as delicious drinks danced upon their tastebuds. Inside the conference rooms, there was plenty to learn ranging from the joys of apple distillates to the fiscal upside of sustainability. As always, Neat Pour‘s Dr. Bill was on hand to tase it all–and take some photos!

NOLA’s trad jazz queen, Meschiya Lake entertains the crowd late nite at Bacardi’s La Gran Familia Bacardi pop-up.

At “The American Authors Who Taught Us How To Drink,” panelists discussed Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, and others. Discussion covered how the authors depicted drinking & drinkers in their work, as well as how their own drinking habits influenced their lives & works.

Marie Brizard finalist Chase Wilhelmse mixed up his submission.

Headliner series: Lyaness x Katana Kitten x Compere Lapin

If grapes can have terroir, why can’t apples? We dove into some delicious distinctions with Elayne Duff at “Liquid Apples: Eve’s Ultimate Temptation.”

The indomitable Paul Gustings teamed up with Christoph Dorneman to serve some punch at French 75.

The Sexton Midnight Club. At Cane and Table. Hot night, cold refreshing drinks, etc.

At the William Grant Party… Your basic puffin-repping-Icelandic-vodka candid shot…

Jena Ellenwood. One of the finalists in the Marie Brizard contest. Her drink was “The Songbird of Manzanar,” the one inspired by the Japenese-American woman who was imprisoned in an internment camp during WWII, and entertained the other people by singing to them. Details about all the finalists and their drinks here.

William Pasternak, Melissa Markert, and Tom Egerton dove into the “Profit of Sustainability”

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