Connor McGregor Visits Whiskey Account, Punches Old Man In Head (Video)

By Neat Pour Staff |

Some people are not cut out for brand ambassador work. Add Conor McGregor to that list. While doing an account visit for his whiskey brand Proper 12, the troubled MMA star decided to punch an old man sitting at the bar in the head.

TMZ (of course) first released security footage from McGregor’s April 6 visit to Dublin’s The Marble Arch Pub. In the video, one can first see McGregor happily lining up glasses for the patrons at the pub. However, one guest pushes his tumbler aside. When McGregor places another glass in front of him, he declines that as well. The McGregor pours everyone else an ounce or two of Proper 12.

The video then jumps a few minutes forward. At this point, McGregor is flexing—literally—for a group of patrons. An undetermined spark breaks the moment and inspires the pro fighter to stop his show and take a swing at the old man.

Impressively, the victim absorbs the punch while staying on his stool, shrugs it off, and goes back to craic with his buddy.

In the video, one can see McGregor’s retinue immediately pulling him away from the bar.

According to TMZ, Dublin police opened an investigation when the incident occurred in April. However, “no arrests have been made to date” in the open investigation.

McGregor’s previous attempts to market Proper 12 have been less violent, but no less aggressive. When first rolling out his whiskey, he delivered this gem of dialogue. “I’m going to take over the Irish whiskey market – and this is delicious! Boy that whiskey tastes so good. Oh shit! Keep an eye out for it.”

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