Exact Replica Of London’s Lyaness Pops Up In NYC

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London’s Ryan Chetiyawardana a.k.a. Mr Lyan, is on one hell of a run. Last fall, his bar Dandelyan won the coveted top spot in World’s 50 Best. Last week, Drinks International named him as the Number One Most Influential Person In The Industry. Now, New Yorkers are getting a taste of the Chetiyawardana magic through an exact replica of Lyaness popped up in TriBeCa.

When we say ‘exact’, there is no hyperbole involved. The original floorplan and furniture are matched exactly. The windows are replicas. For good measure, a video of the River Thames view is projected behind them. 

Of course, the signature green marble bar is also recreated. In fact, the original stone was scanned first to insure that the grain patterns matched on the NY replica. (Kudos to 11th Street Workshop and Spring Studios, the design teams behind the truly impressive showing!)

The only deviation is an extra shelf on the backbar. The new addition is used to display Lyan’s ample trophy collection.

“Working with the team and the crew at Spring, we’ve faithfully recreated our beautiful bar down to the tiniest details,” explained Lyan on social media. “Lyaness is always about more than just the drinks (or even the core ingredients at the heart of the experience), so we’re so proud to be bringing all the details to life for the New York audience of foodies, cocktail, wine and beer lovers for Summer.”

The drinks list is also a carbon copy. So, you can enjoy the groundbreaking menu structured around unique ingredients including Infinite Banana, Purple Pineapple, Aromatized Milk Wine, and Onyx. Those concoctions are parlayed into Lyaness’ signature drinks like Morning Glory Fizz (Westward Whiskey, Purple Pineapple, turbo citrus, elderflower, bubbles), Double Painkiller (Clairin & Hampden rums, coconut aquavit, Infinite Banana, citrus), and Cavendish Americano (Altos Reposado, Aecorn sweet aperitif, Infinite Banana, Ceylon Arrack.)

The whole undertaking is part of Mastercard’s Priceless promotion. (So, you’ll need to use a Mastercard to pay.)

In addition to Lyaness, the space also houses equally impressive recreations of Zanzibar’s The Rock and Kitakyushu, Japan’s sushi mecca Terazushi.

The event runs through the end of the year. You can make reservations online here.

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