Real Château Picard Releases Star Trek Wine


It’s official, Jean-Luc Picard is returning in a new series, Picard.Teasers inform us that the Captain (now an Admiral) retired to his family vineyard in France to make wine since we last saw him. The interesting thing is that there is a real Château Picard in France. Now, the respected French (real) vintner is making wine packaged in homage to the famous spacefaring Picard.

Château Picard is a centuries old estate in the Saint-Estèphe AOC of Bordeaux. (ie The vineyard existed long before the TNG character or even the original Star Trek series.) Their team is now also responsible for creating the wine featured on the Trek shows.

Specifically, the winemaking is handled by Mähler-Bess, a multi-generational family business. The négociant side of the company is well known However, Mähler-Bess also own several vineyards including Picard.

Mind you, there’s still significant marketing forces at work. CBS and Wines That Rock are partners in the venture. (Wines That Rock is exactly what you’d think; they also make official wines for the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, NPR, and Fifty Shades of Grey to name a few.)

Fans will also note that while the new offering is a Bordeaux, cannon presents the Picard vineyard in La Barre is a commune in the department of Haute-Saône, in the eastern French region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté…

But, yes, the labels look exactly like the ones in the trailer!

The inaugural 2016 cuvée of the Trek branded Château Picard is a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot. The ABV clocks in at 13%.

“Toasty American Oak integrates with blueberries, dark plum and blackberries,” according to the producer’s tasting notes. “Bold, sweet tannins hold up a velvety mouthfeel, leading to a juicy finish with dark cherries, violets and baking spice.”

Complementing the French Picard, the marketers also are offering a more traditional tie-in. Meet 2017 United Federation of Planets. The futuristic looking bottle holds a jammy, 14.6% ABV juice produced by Dry Creek & Russian River Valleys in Sonoma County, California. The blend is a predictable 87% Zinfandel, 12% Petit Sirah and 1% Syrah.

“Elegant, stately and dignified are but a few words to describe the wine that Federation dignitaries might enjoy at their gatherings,” read the winemaker’s notes. “It has aromatics of concentrated strawberry, blackberry and plum preserves with a chewy-layered mid-palate filled with hints of white peppercorn, sweet red and black fruit.”

If you wish to make it so, the wines can be purchased at

The wine does not exactly boldly going where no vintner has gone before. Sliver Screen Bottling makes a range of Trek spirits including Ten Forward Vodka, James T. Kirk Reserve Whiskey, and Montgomery Scott Scotch. Schmaltz Brewing also offers a line of Trek beers.

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