Tech Committee Knocks White Wine Emoji Down, But Not Out

By Neat Pour Staff |

Tense times lead to action. For example, over the last year, the people formed a grassroots (with corporate backing) movement to rally behind something universal and essential to all—the need for a white wine emoji. Why is red wine the only emoji option!? Alas, the Orwellian sounding Unicode Technical Committee just decreed that there will be no emoji for the likes of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc this year.

While popular on social media, the white-wine-emoji movement is actually the pet project of Kendall-Jackson’s marketing team. The mega-winery recruited several other producers and media partners, created a hashtag, and soon a movement was born.

“What’s missing isn’t the world’s passion for white wine. It’s simply the world’s symbol for white wine,” explained the campaign site. “Kendall-Jackson winery, together with the global wine community, invite you to join us as we rally support for the world’s first white wine emoji. This won’t change the world, but it will free you from using the red wine emoji when what you really want is your favorite glass of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio. The best things in life go beyond words.”

K-J also authored a 19-page proposal for the Unicode Technical Committee. Yes, the UTC is a real thing. The group is responsible for officially deciding what becomes an emoji and what does not.

During this year’s meeting at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA, the UTC tabled the white wine emoji for a year.

K-J Marketing Director Maggie Curry told media that the issue is not the glass, but the color of the wine in the glass.

“Adding color variation to an emoji is proving more complex because the Unicode standard is not fully defined,” Curry said. “They are much more cautious in adding multiple emojis of the same type of thing.”

The UTC is worried that adding the option of white wine to the red wine emoji will open Pandora’s box. In the group’s nightmare scenario, they will be overwhelmed with requests for color variations on all other emoji. Purple pandas, blue moons, green tacos… chaos could ensue! 

However, the UTC took the unusual step of leaving the door open instead of issuing an outright rejection. So, Curry will be back next year. Her team is already at work on a new proposal to the Committee.

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