Time For Change: Tempus Fugit Spirits Flies To A New Importer And Distribution

By Neat Pour Staff |

Get ready to tweak your Creme de Menthe ordering. Levecke Corp. wil now be handling importing and distribution for Tempus Fugit Spirits.

“Since our founding in 2007, Tempus Fugit Spirits has been looking for the right fit of values in a distribution partner, to help grow our brand throughout the US and beyond,” explained John Troia, co-founder of Tempus Fugit Spirits, in a statement.

“While Levecke’s reputation as a respected industry leader is well known, their commitment to support clean oceans, sustainable business practices and long-term employee retention really speaks volumes of the amazing culture that is their foundation. To be a small part of such a rare combination of talent, innovation and success was too compelling to resist.”

For years, Tempus Fugit was imported by San Francisco’s Anchor Distilling. However, when Anchor Brewing was purchased by Sapporo in August 2018, the Japanese giant spun off the Distilling side.

Five months later, Tony Foglio and UK wine seller Berry Bros & Rudd, already shareholders in Anchor Distilling, purchased the remaining shares. They promptly renamed the company Hotaling to avoid a trademark conflict with the Sapporo’s Anchor.

Hotaling continued to import Tempus Fugit and distribute the liqueurs with their portfolio until this week’s announcement.

“We look forward to enhancing our offerings and overall customer experience by growing our craft portfolio, and there is no one doing craft better than Tempus Fugit,” said Neil LeVecke, CEO of Levecke Corporation in a statement.

LeVecke’s American portfolio also includes Hardy Cognac, Intrepid Spirits, Los Javis mezcal, and Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur.

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