Haymans Brings Rum Back To London

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The blokes at Hayman’s Gin take their English heritage very seriously. The 150+ year-old company distiller views themselves of “True English Gin” and it shows via their portfolio of super-English expressions like Old Tom, Sloe, and Royal Dock Gin. Now, they’re turning the Brit up to 11 with the launch of a London based rum range.

“London was for a long time at the heart of the global trade in rum, with blending houses playing a vital role in creating the finished rums that were widely enjoyed in the 18th and 19th centuries,” said Charles Merser & Co brand director Jonathan Gibson in a statement.

The new HQ, a four-story building based off the luxe Strand, is called Charles Merser & Co. Specifically, the company will follow the historic English model, blending and bottling imported Caribbean rums.

“For over one hundred years, the streets of London were home to a bustling network of merchant rum blending houses,” explained James Hayman in a release. “The merchant’s skill lay not in distilling but rather in the sourcing, blending and secondary maturation of the rum. Our family was involved in the trade for some time – sourcing stock from West India Docks to create our own proprietary blends. We’re proud to play a role in bringing the lost craft of rum blending back to the city.”

Keeping with the Haymans’ way, the company tried to keep everything very historically accurate. That four story facility is a full Victorian restoration. The adjacent warehouse meets bonded standards—a measure required by regulation, but no easy task in downtown London.

“We have taken great pains to make our London rums the same way they were made here over one hundred years ago. We source the best Caribbean rums we can find, we blend them to create balance, nuance and layers of flavour and then we marry them in cask – right here in London – for a period of months just as our predecessors did. We do not add sugar, flavours or colour. What you see is a natural product of distillation, careful blending and cask maturation – distilled in the Caribbean but very much made in London.”

Their first offering, due in October will be Merser Double Barrel (£38).

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