LG’s New Refrigerator Promise Clear Ice Balls For Your Home

By Neat Pour Staff |

Since the dawn of the Cocktail Renaissance, many articles and discussions have tackled the rise of ice programs. However, the most talked about ice cubes out there might actually be ice balls. Now, the newest home refrigerator on the market is bringing ice spheres to the (wealthy) home enthusiast.

Meet LG’s Instaview LRFVS3006S. Sure, the new ‘fridge features tons of shelf space and lots of bells and whistles like a fancy air filter. However, the coolest part is the icemaker.

The Craft Ice™ device boasts a few options. Of course, it makes standard cubes which can be dispensed in their original form or crushed. The mechanism also makes those cool ice spheres.

“LG’s exclusive Craft Ice™ slow melting round ice maker automatically makes upscale craft ice at home without the work,” explains the marketing materials. “No more time consuming molds that only produce one or two at a time.”

The balls are two inches in diameter and weigh about .13 pounds a pop. The refrigerator can churn out three every 24 hours and features a dedicated area that can store up to 25 of them.

“LG is no stranger to offering first-to-market innovations that help make life good with forward-thinking technology for the home,” notes David VanderWal, senior VP of marketing in a release. “With the addition of LG Craft Ice to our award-winning InstaView Refrigerator Lineup, the next step in the evolution of home entertaining is here to aid consumers with useful features sure to impress guests and make hosting easier than ever.”

Notably, the balls are clear. Don’t expect full-on Kold Draft perfection, but they’re still pretty damn clear, miles above anything else on the consumer end.

Alas, the new Instaview starts around $3999. But, it also comes with the namesake Instaview panel that turns from opaque to clear allowing you to see (or hide) the contents of you fridge without opening the door.

Of course, we previously covered a commercial iced machine from Hoshizaki that turns out thousands of beautiful, clear spheres daily. Then again, it doesn’t include nay place to store your groceries.

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