Roll Doom Bones: Gamer Vodka Is Here

By Neat Pour Staff |

There’s a lot to process about Rebel Distiller’s new spirit. As the name suggest, Doom Bone Vodka, is a beef bone infused liquor inspired by the groundbreaking video game.

First off, the Doom part. The first iteration of Doom was introduced in 1993 and is credited with pioneering both the first person shooter and multiplayer gaming formats. In the decades since, the Doom franchise released a dozen more sequel games. This year, the FPS is slated to return with Doom Eternal.

“Doom Eternal is a world of flames and demons, a barbecue pit with action – a smoked bone vodka is certainly a new take on spirit provenance,” declares the vodka’s official marketing materials.

Then, there’s the bones aspect. According to Rebel Distillers, cow bones for the spirit are sourced from progressive butcher The Ginger Pig. The bones are roasted and smoked before the marrow is removed. 

Then, the marrow is macerated in a wheat alcohol base. Finally, additional distillation is performed in a vacuum still.

The official tasting notes describe a “dry, earthy start” open followed by “umami and buttery feel on the tongue” taste, and then “smoky, peppery” finish.

A 70cl bottle will of 44% ABV booze set you back £45 (US$55). Doom Bone Vodka is not shipping yet, but preorders are open on the website.

Rebel also makes a whiskey, a gin, and several apertifs. The company prides themselves on their consultancy and partnerships.

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