The Dream Is Real! White Castle Beer Coming!

By Neat Pour Staff |

From the Department of the Inevitable: This week, the world learned that an official White Castle beer is already being pilot tested.

As first reported by Brewbound, Weyerbacher Brewing Company is currently developing a beer to be served on-draft inside White Castle locations. 

The project marks a big rebound after an April bankruptcy filing for the Pennsylvania brewery. In fact, in a restructuring plan filed as part of the settlement, Weyerbacher projects that 20% of their production will be sold to the popular burger chain moving forward.

“We’ve got a lot of good stuff on the horizon,” chief operating officer Josh Lampe told Brewbound. “We did a pilot brew for them, a kölsch that they loved, so that’s gonna be the first beer. It goes well with burgers.”

With the working title ‘Slider Beer,’ the brew is still in beta testing However, Weyerbacher rolled out the pilot for sampling in their two taprooms. (The online beer boards seemed to approve, labeling it “crushable.”)

The program will ramp up to the dreaded “distribution in select locations.” The ultimate goal is to scale to availability in all 400+ White Castle locations. Lampe also mentioned the potential for retail distribution to supermarkets that carry frozen Castle products.

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