Apple’s New Emoji Include Ice And Mate (That Looks Like A Tiki Drink)

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This week, Apple released their take on the latest emoji via iOS 13.2. New graphics targeting inclusivity, including gender neutral persons, prosthetic limbs, and hearing aids, deservedly garnered the headlines and praise. However, a pair of new emojis buried in the mix will delight cocktail lovers: Ice and a Mate that can easily be repurposed as a tiki drink.

The update featured 398 new emoji, 230 from Emoji 12.0 and 168 from Emoji 12.1. Notably, people emoji are now available as non binary in addition to male and female and one can select both the skin tone and gender of each individual in the popular “persons holding hands” emoji.

But, there’s also ice! Yes, Apple rolled out a beautiful perfect square of ice that would please both the cocktail perfectionist and the Unicode Consortium. The new ice is pretty crystal clear and looks less Kold Draft and more handcut-from-a-block.

Then, there is Mate. The delicious (and heavily caffeinated) was admitted to the canon earlier this year via Emoji 12.0. Google and Microsoft implemented popular South American beverage well. You can see their pretty standard fare below.

Google’s Mate

Microsoft’s Mate

However, Apple decided to get realistic—like aspiring for uncanny valley levels of realism. They did a nice job with the bombilla or straw. The filter’s slight taper and an ornamental ring are depicted and there’s even some reflection off of the metal. However, save the decorative ring, the Calabash style mate gourd looks a lot like a tiki style, hollowed out coconut. The total package looks a lot like southing straight out of Don the Beachcomber.

You be the judge!

And courtesy of Emojipedia, check out all the new additions.

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