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The trend of corporate consolidation sweeping the spirits industry is not sparing any sector. Today, Axios reported that media conglomerate Dotdash acquired for an undisclosed sum.

Dotdash is a subsidiary of media mogul Barry Diller’s massive Interactive Corp. (IAC). Unlike, it’s high profile parent, Dotdash is focused on a portfolio ‘boutique’ publications. Some of their eleven properties include LifeWire, TheSpruce, and TripSavvy. is, of course, an SEO-dominating spirits and cocktails site well known for their ‘advertorial’ content.

“This isn’t fire sale,” Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel told Axios. “It’s an asset that we really like and we’re paying a fair price for it.”

DotDash’s strategy is to group their niche properties together and sell ads as a bundle across those platforms. In an IAC investor letter, the company predicted that DotDash’s combined revenue will exceed $150 million in the current fiscal year.

Kit Codik, Founder and CEO, will stay at helm and ten of the site’s existing staffers will continue on.

Article will update as more information becomes available.

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