Subscription Model Comes To Mezcal (And It’s A Good Fit)

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Subscription services for coffee, wine, beer, and spirits are one of the fastest growing sectors in the drinks industry. And, within the spirits specific industry, there is no doubt that mezcal is hot. Now, Maguey Melate is attempting to fuse the two with their new Mezcalero Of The Month Club.

The Goods

The concept is fairly straightforward. Agave lovers can join the club for a fee of $115 every other month. In exchange, members receive a box containing two 375ml bottles of mezcal (legit, small producer mezcal) on the same schedule.

Maguey Melate also offers an intro box with all sorts of bells and whistles including clay jicaras, glasses, wood stoppers, and a ton of multimedia materials.

For pros, the company also offers a “business to business” alternative to directly order bottles from producers in Oaxaca.

The Bigger Picture

Despite the standard offerings, Maguey Melate is a distinct endeavor. Mezcal is different than most spirits and demands a different model. 

At the crux of the issue is the fact that very little mezcal is produced. This small quantity is a direct result of the factors that make the spirit so delicious. Agave plants require about seven years of growth before they’re suitable for harvest. Better mescals are made by hand from harvest to bottling. Many mezcaleros even employee oxen pulling large stones to grind down the agave at their palenques.

Maguey Melate aims to address the sustainability issues as well as the concerns that greater demands for mezcal will result in a drop in quality. Consequently, the group only distributes juice from small, independently owned mezcaleros.

Membership in their club is limited. That’s not intended as a marketing gimmick; it’s truly limited. For example, at press time, there were only 45 spots in the group still open.

Eco-friendly and recycled materials are employed exclusively. A partnership with agave activists S.A.C.R.E.D. guarantees that a portion of every purchase price is used to plant one new agave plant.

“The folks at Maguey Melate are doing everything I love: bringing heirloom agave spirits directly to people who appreciate them and without altering the spirits to accommodate any certifying body,” said S.A.C.R.E.D. Founder and Director Lou Bank.

For more info, check out the Maguey Malate website.

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