The Dead Rabbit Announces New Location In New Orleans

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NYC’s award-magnet, The Dead Rabbit, will be opening a New Orleans satellite this year, as first reported by Hamish Smith at Drinks International. The popular Irish bar is slated for a soft “pop-up” opening during Tales 2020 followed a permanent opening in autumn.

In a social media statement, ownership explained that the NOLA location is intended as the first step in an aggressive expansion plan.

“It’s part of a wider expansion plan that will see us bring our unique blend of Irish hospitality to major cities across the US over the next few years,” explained the post. “We’ll own and run all the new bars, which will be based on our Taproom.”

Indeed, the original NYC bar will provide the template for the new venue. Located in a nearly 200-year-old building in the French Quarter’s Conti Street, the new, three floor space will look much like the old. The ground floor will serve as a standing bar taproom. The upper two floors will offer seating and some outdoor space.

According to DI, the drinks list will look similar to original location also.“There will be 12 cocktails and in terms of training it’ll be a cut and paste from our New York operation, so our offering is consistent,” beverage director and partner Jillian Vose told the magazine.

The team stressed that they will own the new locations along with local partners bought in for each project.

Ownership explained that they are currently targeting medium sized cities for growth due to the bloated cost of doing business in NYC.

The Dead Rabbit is a critically celebrated institution. The bar, the bar staff, and their book won all sorts of awards including multiple Spirited Awards and the top spot on the 50 Best Bar list.

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