Climate Change Behind 10% Drop In Global Production

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Climate Change continues to real havoc on the wine industry. At a presser this week, International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) announced that global wines production dipped 10% from 294 million hectolitres in 2018 to 263mhl in 2019. “Unfortunate climatic conditions” were cited as the cause of the fluctuation.

The 2019 drop in production actually returns brings the numbers back to the levels experienced from 2014 through 2017. Different extreme weather resulted in a bumper crop in 2018.

Europe, specifically France, Italy, and Spain, represented the loss leader. The continent saw a decrease of 26.7 mhl (15%) compared to 2018 production. An early season frost coupled with a record shattering heatwave and wildfires was largely responsible. However, Portugal’s 6.7 mhl, a 10% increase, represented an outlier.

The United States logged 23.6 mhl of wine production a 1% drop from 2018. Of note, the estimates here are the roughest as harvest is still ongoing in parts of the country.

South America was particularly hard hit. “In Argentina, 2019 wine production is likely to reach 13.0 mhl (-10%/2018). Chile with 11.9 mhl records a -7% decline with respect to 2018 and an increase of +8% with respect to the last five- year average,” reported the OIV.

Brazil provided some good news, logging production of 2.9 mhl, a 10% increase over the previous year.

A severe drought in South Africa contributed to the nation’s below average output for the second consecutive year. The nation produced only 9.7 mhl of juice.

Down under, the news was not much better. “In Oceania, Australia registers a slight decline in wine production volume, here estimated at 12.5 mhl (-3% compared to 2018 but overall in line with its 5-year average),” stated the OIV. “In New Zealand wine production registers for the fourth year in row a figure close to 3.0 mhl in 2019 (-1%/2018).”

The information was collected form 28 countries which represent 85% of the world wine production.

You can read the full report here.

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