Hendrick’s Gin Is Making Absinthe Now

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Hendrick’s Gin is branching out their range—in a way that defies the distiller’s very name. Hendrick’s just introduced their latest bottling and it’s an absinthe not a gin!

Hendrick’s Absinthe is now available in the UK. The spirit is colorless and clocks in at 48% abv which is fairly low for the category—theoretically making the g̶̶r̶̶e̶̶e̶̶n̶ colorless fairy a little more accessible to mainstream drinkers.

According to press materials, the spirit is the creation of Hendrick’s Master Distiller Lesley Gracie who cooked up the absinthe inside the Hendrick’s Gin Palace within William Grant & Sons’ distillery in Girvan, Scotland.

“Absinthe has this incredibly rich history steeped in mystery and was for many years feared but it really shouldn’t be, it is such an amazing liquid,” Gracie explained in a release.

The company believes that the move is natural especially given their gin’s liberal use of florals in recent expressions.

“Absinthe is really a cousin to gin, in that it is a botanically flavored spirit, just with a different palette of botanicals to play with. It conjures up images of the strange and the surreal and so is perfectly at home in our playground at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace.”

The new absinthe makes use of traditional ingredients, specifically anise and wormwood, as well as Hendrick’s signature botanicals, cucumber and rose.

“The world has moved on a lot since the heyday of absinthe and it’s high time for this spirit to once again find its home in the heart of creativity, in some of the world’s best bars,” Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador Ally Martin said in a statement. “We’ve reimagined absinthe as an incredibly complex, unique and interesting spirit. Not one to be feared for its strength but to be used as a core component of today’s array of contemporary, refreshing cocktails”.

The first release is only 4000 bottles; so, scoop one up if you can.

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