IWSC Drops Shortlist of Finalists For Wine & Spirit Producer Awards

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Get ready for a new round of bottle stickers! Today, the International Wine & Spirits Competition released their shortlist of finalists.

“Producer trophies are the pinnacle of achievement”, said IWSC Head of Tastings Pip Mortimer in a statement. “They reward the overall portfolio, ethos and achievement of companies that enter the competition.”

Currently, celebrating their 50th year, the IWSC is one of the field’s older competitions. It is also one of the industry’s more respected judgings.

Some 400 plus judges hailing from 30 countries are entrusted with the judging. The experts hail from media and the industry alike; and, are split into subgroups based on their field of knowledge. In 2019, the body restructured the hierarchy to eliminate regional awards and make all winners global.

The final winners will be announced and toasted at the IWSC’s Annual Awards Banquet on November 28 at Guildhall in the City of London.

Check out the shortlist below.

Wine Producer shortlists 

  • Fortified Wine Producer 2019: Bodegas Fundador; Vallegre Vinhos Do Porto SA; Morris Wines
  • Red Wine Producer 2019: Cederberg Private Cellars; JM Cazes Selection; Ningxia Helanshan Manor Wine Co. Ltd; Shottesbrooke Vineyards
  • Sparkling Wine Producer 2019: Champagne Veuve Clicquot; Champagne Lombard; ColeselSpumanti; Graham Beck
  • Sweet Wine Producer 2019: Weingut Horst Sauer; Estate I & M Argyros O.E; Domaine Le Freud; Reif Estate Winery
  • White Wine Producer 2019: Weingut Rabl Ltd; Stellenrust Wines; De Grendel Wines; Hombo Shuzo Co Ltd.

Spirit Producer shortlists 

  • Brandy Producer 2019: ABK6 – Cognac SNC du Maine Drilhon; Bodegas Fundador; Chateau du Tariquet SCV; Distell Limited
  • International Gin Producer 2019 – sponsored by The Gin Guild: Kangaroo Island Distillery; Bimmerle KG; K.K. Number One Drinks (The Kyoto Distillery); Four Pillars Distillery
  • Liqueur Producer 2019: Distillerie Merlet & Gils; Casoni Fabbricazione Liquori; Ditta Bortolo Nardini Spa
  • Rum Producer 2019: R L Seale & Company; Worthy Park Estate; Trois Rivieres; ATOM Brands
  • Scotch Whisky Producer 2019: Beam Suntory; John Dewar & Sons; The Glenmorangie Company; Whyte & Mackay; William Grant & Sons Distillers
  • UK Gin Producer 2019 – sponsored by The Gin Guild: Masons Yorkshire Gin; Ian Macleod Distillers; ATOM Brands; Warners Distillery
  • Vodka Producer 2019: Zubrowka; Omsons Marketing Private Limited; Lignell & Piispanen; Manufacturing Company Syabry LLC
  • Worldwide Whiskey Producer 2019: Buffalo Trace Distillery; Kavalan Distillery; Irish Distillers; The Welsh Whisky Company
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