Someone Is Selling A Whiskey Called ‘Toxic Masculinity’

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Just in time for the holidays, Americans will soon be able to buy Toxic Masculinity by the bottle. As Twitter user @SkusRecentEats first noticed, the U.S. Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) just okayed an American Whiskey called ‘Toxic Masculinity’. Seriously.

Maybe, you’re thinking, “This must be a joke. No one is that tone deaf.” Well, the manufacturer included credos on the web and their label clarifying that the name is exactly what it sounds like. For good measure, they even took a shot at that Gillette ad. Check out the text.

“Toxic Masculinity Whiskey, smooth and unapologetically strong. This oak-aged classic Straight Rye Whiskey will transport you back to a time before shaving companies thought they were civilization’s moral compass. A time when boys were raised to be men, and like their forefathers, they eagerly shouldered the responsibility to support and protect their families, communities and nation.

Toxic Masculinity is whiskey. It has never been anything else.”

According to filings with the TTB, Toxic Masculinity is a 45% ABV Rye Whiskey that bills itself as a “Gentlemen’s Spirit.” The bottling location is listed as Dehner Distillery of Iowa, a contract facility; from the limited info, it is unclear whether Dehner contract bottles a third party whiskey or is responsible for the distillation as well.

The labeling proclaims the rye is a product of Firebrand Premium Spirits. A search of the web revealed no online presence for the company.

However, we did find a website for Toxic Masculinity. The splash page doesn’t present much new info. There is an opportunity to join their email list as well as an assurance that the product will hit the market before Christmas of this year. Yet, most of the space is consumed by a lengthy defense of the old-timey Penny Farthing or “boneshaker” bicycle featured on their label.

None of these materials mention the actual flavors of Toxic Masculinity… however, we’re guessing that the juice tastes as good as it sounds.

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