Sweden’s Marcus Fredriksson Triumphs At Montenegro Comp

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Amaro is about as Italian as it gets. However, this year, the winner of Amaro Montenegro’s The Vero Bartender competition was all about his Swedish homeland. Marcus Fredriksson of Malmö, Sweden’s Care/of was crowned the victor this week.

“I’m so proud to be crowned The Vero Bartender 2019! I was intrigued by the challenge to

create a unique sharing style cocktail, inspired by local ingredients around my venue and home, and I’m always excited to experiment with flavor and presentation,” said Fredriksson in a statement. “Amaro Montenegro is such a versatile liquid with great flavor which made it so much fun to play around with!”

After a series of regional heats, 12 finalists convened in Milan for the competition last week. Bar stars Monica Berg and Erik Lorincz mentored the competitors during two days of exploration around Lombardy’s capital… then, the trip got serious.

The finalists’ cocktails were judged by a panel led by Amaro Montenegro’s Master Herbalist, Matteo Bonoli. Fredriksson emerged on top. His prize includes a trip to BCB BK this spring.

“We’re thrilled to see the continued success of the Vero Bartender competition, and the exciting display of innovation and creativity produced by the global cocktail community for the 2019 Sharing Cocktails theme,” declared Robert Cullins, Regional Director of the Americas, Gruppo Montenegro. “Amaro Montenegro is a brand that celebrates exploration, creativity, authenticity and community, and we feel this competition not only brings our heritage to life, but also provides a lens as to what’s to come for Amaro Montenegro as the brand continues its upward momentum and growth across the world.”

Check out Fredriksson’s winning drink, ‘Around The Corner’ below.

Around The Corner

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Around The Corner
  1. Stir ingredients and strain into a watering can and flowerpots.
  2. Garnish with apple crisps.
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