Top Bar Concepts Across the Globe You Should Check Out On Your Travels

By Lancey Howard |

Relaxing and unwinding in a bar is something people do the world over; whether it comes at the end of a stressful week, as the highlight of a fun-filled weekend or part of a romantic liaison with a loved one.

Finding different bars and places to enjoy is a challenge that is undertaken with gusto by those looking to relax. Upon visiting a new city, people will search for the best places to go to visit, the special bars that offer something unique to the discerning customer.

Across the world, concept bars are springing up that are so unique in their area, that offer something so very different, that they simply must be highlighted. We’ve brought together five that we think will be perfect for a taste of something very different.

Inside the Giger Bar [Photo courtesy of]

H.R Giger Bar, Gruyere, Switzerland

Swiss artist H.R Giger is perhaps best known for his work on the Alien film franchise, boasting a unique style that is cold and features humans and machines coming together in a biomechanical relationship. It doesn’t sound like the ideal concept for a bar, but as soon as you see his interior design work in this wonderful location you understand why it is a must-visit.

It is spooky and could almost double as a medieval film set until you noticed the intricacies of his work. Don’t worry though, whilst his décor in unusual bordering on obscure, the drinks menu is very much part of this world.

Bingo Bonanza! [Courtesy Dabbers Bingo Bar]

Dabbers Bingo, London, England

Whilst London is a veritable treasure trove of specialist bars and clubs, one, in particular, captures something so quintessentially English that it is worth a mention. Dabbers Bingo is a revamped bingo bar offering a new and contemporary twist on the age-old game.

Dabbers has many versions of bingo including 90-ball, which is the British classic. Foxy Bingo’s description of 90-ball’s rules notes how the goal is to fill all three lines for a full house, which in Dabbers means getting up on the stage to compete for more prizes. The fresh concept is the new angle it brings to bingo; it offers craft beers and cocktails and feels more like a trendy nightclub than a bingo hall. It is located a short walk from the thriving bars and clubs of Shoreditch, confirming its standing as an exciting and relevant venue.

Ice Bar, Quebec City, Canada

Drinks for the frozen chosen. [Photo courtesy of That Backpacker]

Whilst Shoreditch is an achingly cool part of London, the Ice Bar in Quebec City is perhaps the coolest place on our list. Constructed every winter, it remains in place until the spring when it simply melts away.

The bar is part of a wider ice hotel and is as exciting as any bar on the list. As well as offering somewhere new and exciting to visit for a drink, you could make it part of your wider stay by booking a room as well.

Few countries in the world can boast an ice bar, making this concept both unusual and unmissable for real connoisseurs of the bar world. Be warned though; it isn’t open all year round and is next due to accept visitors in January 2020.

Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

A candlelit cave [Photo courtesy Mextrotter]

Mexico City boasted some of the finest cocktail bars and bar teams in the 2019 Spirited Awards and if you’re willing to venture out of the capital, you’ll find a concept bar that offers an altogether different experience.

It is a bar set in a spacious cave featuring stalactites and stalagmites and is unique in that the primary light source comes from candlelight. It isn’t every day you can relax in such unusual settings and with a wide of cocktails and international beverages make this a great place to visit.

It is situated in Quintana Roo on the Yucatán Peninsula, just to the south-west of Cancun.

Subsix, Maldives

DJ below the seas! [Photo courtesy of Travel Centre Maldives]

For a truly unique concept why not plan a visit to the Subsix bar in the Maldives; part of an underwater complex 500m offshore.

It originally opened as a nightclub but now offers food and a bar area as well. It’s only accessible by boat and it sits six meters below sea level in the Indian Ocean. What could be more attractive than sipping on something relaxing whilst watching ocean life just outside the glass?

You can still enjoy it as a nightclub: it has a DJ night a couple of times a week with a Glow Party on Wednesday and Saturday.

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