Where To Find Every Miracle Christmas Bar Pop-Up

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By now, most Neat Pour readers know the basics of the annual Miracle pop-ups. Conceived by Greg Boehm (technically his mother) of Cocktail Kingdom fame, the immersive holiday bars celebrate Christmas through seasonal takeover/pop-ups across the world. In 2019, Miracle is popping up at over 100 locations and we have the full list.

“In our sixth year, we’re excited to keep making Miracle better year after year while keeping our true love for the holiday season alive,” Boehm said in a statement. “We offer a true experience for our guests as soon as they walk through the doors. Our partners across the U.S. and world are all dedicated to delivering exceptional visits with quality cocktails.”

From Thanksgiving week through Christmas Day, over 100 bars transform into a liquid wonderland. CK’s mastermind Joann Spiegel creates a menu of modern Christmas classics that each location serves. (Of course, the Kingdom also doles out some pretty cool barware for the occasion.)

However, the real signature of the event is the over-the-top decorations. Each location is responsible for their own vision (with some guidelines) of the holidays and it gets competitive. Expect elaborate snowflakes, lots of lights, and even snow machines at some locations.

If you’re looking for some actual reporting on the matter, check out our talk with Jeff “Beachbum” Berry about the Sippin’ Santa, Miracle spin-off.

All  the locations follow.

United States

Anaheim, CA – Miracle at The Blind Rabbit

Asheville, NC – Miracle on Haywood Road (at The Golden Pineapple)

Atlanta, GA – Miracle on Monroe (at Tapa Tapa)

Atlanta, GA – Miracle on Highland (at The Brasserie and Neighborhood Café at Parish)

Austin, TX – Miracle on 5th Street (at The Eleanor by The Roosevelt Room)

Baltimore, MD – Miracle on Magothy Beach (at Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille)

Bellingham, WA – Miracle at Swim Club Wet Bar

Bentonville, AK – Miracle on 2nd Street (at Undercroft)

Biloxi, MS – Miracle at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi

Birmingham, AL – Miracle on 24th Street (at Queen’s Park)

Boston / Cambridge, MA – Miracle at The Marlowe (at The Kimpton Hotel Marlowe Lobby Bar)

Brooklyn, NY – Miracle at Livingston Manor

Charleston, SC – Miracle at Handcraft (at Handcraft Kitchen and Cocktails)

Chattanooga, TN – Miracle at Bode (at The Hub at Bode)

Chicago, IL – Miracle by Sable Kitchen & Bar (Kimpton Hotel Palomar)

Cincinnati, OH – Miracle at The Overlook Lodge

Cleveland, OH – Miracle at Society Lounge

Colorado Springs, CO – Miracle at Allusion Speakeasy

Columbus, OH – Miracle at The Citizens Trust

Corpus Christi, TX – Miracle at Katz 21

Dallas, TX – Miracle at Hide

Daytona Beach, FL – Miracle at Sessions Restaurant

Delray Beach, FL – Miracle on Delray Beach (at Death or Glory)

Denver, CO – Miracle at Avanti Wolf Bar

Denver, CO – Miracle at Larimer Square

Detroit, MI – Miracle at The Oakland

Floral Park, NY — Miracle at Tulip (Cork and Kerry)

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Miracle on Los Olas (at Java & Jam)

Fort Wayne, IN — Miracle at Jefferson (at The Sidecar)

Fulton, MD – Miracle at Libs Grill

Gainesville, FL – Miracle on University (at Madrina’s)

Galveston, TX – Miracle at Daiquiri Time Out

Hamilton, New Zealand – Miracle at The Keg Room

Houston, TX – Miracle at Johnny’s Gold Brick

Indianapolis, IN – Miracle on South Street at Plat 99 (at The Alexander Hotel)

Jacksonville, FL – Miracle on the Square (at Grape & Grain Exchange)

Jersey City, NJ – Miracle on Mercer (at Franklin Social)

Kamloops, Canada – Miracle at Terra Restaurant

Kansas City, MO – Miracle at The Rockhill Grille (Presented by J Rieger & Co)

Kansas City, MO – Miracle on the Plaza

Knoxville, TN – Miracle on Gay Street (at Sapphire Fine Food & Fancy Drinks)

Lafayette, LA – Miracle at Pamplona Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Las Vegas, NV – Miracle at the SandDollar Lounge

Lincoln, RI – Miracle at Twin River Casino Hotel

Long Beach, CA – Miracle at The Ordinarie

Los Angeles, CA – Miracle on Melrose (at Melrose Umbrella Company)

Louisville, KY – Miracle on Market (at Galaxie Bar)

Ludlow, VT – Miracle at Main + Mountain

Madison, WI – Miracle on King Street (at Lucille)

Malden, MA – Miracle at Mystic Station

Manhattan, KS — Miracle on Moro (at The HiLo)

Miami, FL – Miracle by Drink Miami (Shirley’s at Gramp’s)

Milwaukee, WI – Miracle on 2nd Street (at The Tin Widow)

Minneapolis, MN – Miracle at Lawless (by Lawless Distilling Company)

Morristown, NJ – Miracle at Iron Bar

Nashville, TN – Miracle at Hidden Bar (Noelle)

New Brunswick, NJ — Miracle at Catherine Lomabardi

New Haven, CT – Miracle at Ordinary

New Orleans, LA – Miracle at Barrel Proof

New Orleans, LA — Miracle at Longway Tavern

New York, NY – Miracle on 9th Street (The Cabinet)

New York, NY – Miracle on 12th Street (Mace)

Nutley, NJ – Miracle on Centre (at Cowan’s Public House)

Olympia, WA – Miracle at Dillinger’s

Omaha, NE – Miracle at Mercury

Orlando, FL – Miracle on Orange (at The Courtesy Bar)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — Miracle at Savoy Brasserie

Panama City, Panama – Miracle at aMano

Pensacola, FL – Miracle on Palafox (at Old Hickory Whiskey Bar)

Perry Hall, MD – Miracle at Libs Grill

Petaluma, CA – Miracle at Brewsters Beer Garden

Philadelphia, PA – Miracle at In the Valley (at ITV)

Phoenix, AZ – Miracle by Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails (at Kimpton Hotel Palomar)

Pittsburgh, PA – Miracle on Liberty Street (The Warren Bar & Burrow)

Pittsburgh, PA – Miracle on Carson Street (Lava Lounge)

Portland, ME – Miracle on Fore Street (at Vena’s Fizz House)

Portland, OR – Miracle at Bacchus Bar (at Kimpton Hotel Vintage Portland)

Raleigh, NC – Miracle at The Haymaker

Richmond, VA – Miracle on Cary Street (at The Jasper)

Rockville Centre, NY – Miracle on South Park Avenue (at Cork & Kerry)

Sacramento, CA – Miracle on J Street (at The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar)

Sacramento, CA – Miracle on K Street (at Tiger Bar)

St. Louis, MO – Miracle at Small Change

St. Petersburg, FL – Miracle at Mezzo (at Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails)

Salt Lake City, UT – Miracle on 2nd Street (at The Vault in Kimpton Hotel Monaco)

San Antonio, TX — Miracle at Houston Street (at Jet-Setter)

San Diego, CA – Miracle on 30th Street (at Polite Provisions)

San Francisco, CA – Miracle at PCH (at Pacific Cocktail Haven)

San Jose, CA – Miracle on 1st Street (at Paper Plane)

Seattle, WA – Miracle on 2nd (at Rob Roy)

Springfield, MO — Miracle on Walnut Street (at Missouri Spirits)

Waco, TX – Miracle on Austin Ave. (at Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits)

Washington DC — Miracle on 7th Street (at Drink Company)

Waterbury, CT — Miracle at Highland Brass Co.

West Palm Beach, FL – Miracle at Rosemary

Whidbey Island, WA – Miracle on the Cove (at Captain Whidbey’s)

Winston Salem, NC – Miracle on Cherry Street (at Butcher & Bull)

Worcester, MA – Miracle at Still & Stir


Au, Switzerland – Miracle at 52 Magic Bar

Bucharest, Romania – Miracle On Victoriei (at Linea/Closer to the Moon)

Calgary, Canada – Miracle on 1st Street YYC (at Proof)

Hamilton, New Zealand — Miracle at The Keg

Kamloops, BC, Canada — Miracle at Terra

London, England – Miracle at Henrietta Hotel

London, Ontario, Canada – Miracle at Union Ten Distilling

Mexico City, Mexico – Miracle at Limantour Roma

Mexico City, Mexico – Miracle at Limantour Polanco

Montreal, Canada – Miracle on de la Commune Ouest

Ottawa, Canada — Miracle at Savoy

Panama City, Panama — Miracle at aMano

Toronto, Canada – Miracle by Civil Liberties

Québec, Canada – Miracle at Maelstrom Café

Sippin’ Santa’s Surf Shack

Anaheim, CA — Sippin’ Santa at Strong Water

Asheville, NC — Sippin’ Santa at The Montford

Atlanta, GA – Sippin’ Santa at Bon Ton

Arlington Heights, IL – Sippin’ Santa at Cortland’s Garage

Austin, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Nickel City

Boston, MA – Sippin’ Santa at Shore Leave

Calgary, Canada – Sippin’ Santa at Ricardo’s Hideaway

Dallas, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Tiny Victories

Dallas, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Dibs On Victory

Denver, CO – Sippin’ Santa at The Arvada Tavern

Detroit, MI – Sippin’ Santa at The Skip

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Sippin’ Santa on Las Olas (at Flight 19)

Harrison, NJ – Sippin’ Santa at The Vanguard

Kansas City, MO – Sippin’ Santa at Julep

Miami, FL – Sippin’ Santa at Minnow Bar (at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel)

Nashville, TN – Sippin’ Santa on 2nd (The Hub at Bode Nashville)

New Orleans, LA – Sippin’ Santa at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

New York, NY–Sippin’ Santa at Boilermaker

Orlando, FL – Sippin’ Santa at Avanti Palms

Ottawa, ON Canada – Sippin’ Santa at The Standard

Phoenix, AZ – Sippin’ Santa at Bitter & Twisted

Sacramento, CA – Sippin’ Santa at The Jungle Bird

San Diego, CA – Sippin’ Santa at The Grass Skirt

Savannah, GA – Sippin’ Santa at The Alida Hotel

Seattle, WA – Sippin’ Santa at Vinnie’s

St. Louis, MO – Sippin’ Santa on Locust

Toronto, Canada – Sippin’ Santa at Gigglewater

Washington, D.C. – Sippin’ Santa at Archipelago

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