Whisk(ey) Wrap 11.10.19: J.J. Corry, Aberfeldy and Craigellachie, JD Christmas Tree

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Last week in the whisk(e)y world featured a couple new premium releases and some early yule time cheer. In Ireland, J.J. Corry released a new, super luxe bottling and across the Irish Sea, Aberfeldy and Craigellachie unveiled five rare scotches. Over in the States, Jack Daniels is getting some unique Christmas trees together.

J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey “The Chosen”

Irish Whiskey has been surging in popularity for the last decade now. The Emerald Isle’s native spirit is catching up to her Scottish and Yank cousins in popularity. So, it seems only natural that Irish Whiskey is now also venturing into the super premium sector.
Meet J.J. Corry’s “The Chosen.” 

The Chosen is a 100 bottle, limited release from J.J. Corry. The 27-year-old single cask whiskey was bottled at a cask strength of 52%.

“The Chosen is a celebration of excellence in Irish Whiskey and contemporary Irish design. Irish Whiskey has not been celebrated for its quality and rarity, as perhaps other categories have. We have some of the finest mature stock of whiskey in the world and yet I feel the industry undersells itself,” said J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey founder Louise McGuane said in a statement.

“I wanted to change that. Our approach to making Irish Whiskey celebrates tradition, embraces change and has the modern whiskey drinker front of mind. All of this is reflected in The Chosen.”

Being that The Chosen is a uber luxury product, naturally, there’s high end design involved in the packaging. The bottles are housed in an ash wood cabinet created by John Galvin, a son of Cork. The decanters, themselves, are crystal hand cut in Waterford by J. Hill’s Standard.

As for the taste? 

“Rich and superbly elegant with notes of toffee, rancio, dried mango and chestnut. This palate of intensely ripe fruits is complimented by incense and a luscious oily texture,” read the official noes. “The finish is long with just a touch of smoke”

No price was mentioned, inquiries were directed to this email.

Jack Daniels Barrel Tree

Christmas is coming which means a slew of promotions. Jack Daniels got the word our early on their seasonal signature, a pretty cool twist on a couple standards.

In 2011, JD started an annual tradition building, a massive, 26 foot tall Christmas “tree” out of used whiskey barrels at their Lynchburg distillery. No, the barrels are not full. Yet, they still weigh 115 funds a pop empty and each tree uses 140 barrels. So, it’s understandable that assembling and decorating each tree takes about five days.

The distillery just announced that in 2019 four sister trees will pop up in across the country. Specifically, revelers unable to visit the mothership will be able to see identical trees in Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Sort of like an angel, the top barrel on each tree will serve as a decorative capstone… and help raise funds for a good cause. Jack Daniels is teaming up with the Armed Services YMCA to auction off these five special barrels. The proceeds will help support Operation Ride Home, a charity that helps enlisted personnel visit their families for the holidays.

More info here.

Aberfeldy and Craigellachie Exceptional Cask Series

Aberfeldy and Craigellachie, two Bacardi owned scotch distilleries, also released a line of five super premium expressions.

“The Exceptional Cask Series is an opportunity for our malt appreciators to experience new, exciting facets of the typical distillery character,” said Stephanie Macleod, Malt Master, in a release. “Each expression in this series elevates a particular aspect of the liquid’s flavor profiling, adding character that one may not immediately recognize. You can’t tell the quality of a cask just by looking at it. You have to open it up and sample it, and what a joy it is to discover an expression that goes on to be exceptional.”

The official list and descriptions follow.

  • Aberfeldy 18 yr old Double Cask: Finished in Sherry casks, this single malt is sweet and spicy, with notes of salted caramel and dark chocolate that are heightened with marmalade, almonds and honey. 53.8% ABV, 750ml, $199.99.
  • Aberfeldy 19 yr old Single Cask: Matured in first fill Sherry Butt casks, this single malt delivers intense notes of concentrated fruits and mixed spice, luscious in texture with a long, satisfying finish. 56.6% ABV, 750ml, $199.99.
  • Aberfeldy 24 yr old Single Cask: Matured in first fill Sherry Butt casks, this single malt brings savoury and subtle herbaland spice notes, which develops to be slightly smoky. 53.9% ABV, 750ml, $299.99.
  • Craigellachie 19 yr old Single Cask: Smooth with subtle spice, liquorice and ripening pineapple, this single malt was matured in second fill Sherry Butt casks and is cloaked in creamy vanilla and malty sweetness. 55.2% ABV, 750ml, $199.99.
  • Craigellachie 23 yr old Single Cask: Matured in first fill Oloroso Sherry casks, this single malts is a supple, luscious dram that delivers pineapple studded notes with cloves, dusted with cinnamon and baked on the barbeque. 57.5% ABV, 750ml, $299.99.
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