BrewDog Goes All In On Alcohol Free With New Pub and Beers

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BrewDog’s beer-centric airline was short-lived, but the cult favorite, Scottish brewers show no signs of slowing their experimental entrepreneurship. Embracing a more mainstream trend, Brew Dog just announced a big push into low/no proof libations. Their new projects include an alcohol free pub and an influx of no-proof expressions into their range.

The BrewDog AF Bar 

On Monday (1.06), The BrewDog AF Bar opened in London. (BrewDog likes call their alcohol free offerings, “AF.” Get it, get it?)

“Drinkers opting for low or no alcohol are in danger of compromising on quality, taste and experience. And that’s just the beer – forget about places in which to enjoy it,” said James Watt, Captain of BrewDog. “We are going to change that. We exist to be a point of difference, and our first BrewDog AF Bar is just that. It is a beacon for anyone in London after an alcohol-free alternative.”

The new bar features 15 taps of AF beers as well as non-alcoholic cocktails. For a bonus, two alcohol free ciders, Designated Cider and Cider from Hawkes, are on offer.

In case you need something to soak up all that, uh, no-proof beverage, there will also be typical pub fare. Burgers, salads and Buffalo wings comprise the menu along with some “healthy specials.”

The establishment is open until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. (By London standards, that’s late.)

Photos by: Grant Anderson – / @grantandersondotme

The New Brews

BrewDog also rolled out several new alcohol free and 0.5% abv beers for sale in all of their pubs as well by the can/bottle.

Hazy AF is a riff on a New England IPA. The official materials proclaim, “With tropical fruit and grassy notes, and a malt bill including wheat and oats, Hazy AF is a super smooth ride into the heart of alcohol-free New England.”

The aptly named Wake Up Call is a 0.5% coffee stout described as “full-flavored and roasty with hits of chocolate and coffee.”

Finally, BD got into the Kombucha game, promising a range of expressions in their yet-to-be-unveiled OverWorks range. BD’s Head Brewmaster, Richard Kilcullen, will be unveiling his inaugural offering Hibiscus Kombucha in the next month.

For more information about it all, check out BD’s website.

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