New Bond Spot Eschews Martini For Heineken

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The Martini inspired hundreds of books and thousands of articles. A staple of craft and corner bars alike, the ubiquitous cocktail counts literary luminaries from E.B White to Dave Wondrich amongst its devotees. However, for the last 50 years, the Martini’s most prominent advocate has not been a writer or even real person. Rather, Mr. Martini is indisputably James Bond—or at least he was. A new ad campaign from Heineken features 007 quaffing beer, and non alcoholic beer at that.

Talk about a dry drink!

The new television spot is part of Heineken’s sponsorship deal with the latest installment of the Bond franchise, No Time To Die. Back in 2017, the brewer first paid Sony to replace Bond’s iconic Martini with a beer. Fans were not happy.

However, the latest Heineken-Bond collab, titled ‘Heineken 00 presents Daniel Craig vs James Bond’ turns the knob up to 11.

The 20 second ad begins with a bartender shaking the heck out of what we think is a martini (more on this later). However, when he slides the garnished drink across the bar to a tuxedo clad Daniel Craig, the unthinkable occurs. The super spy rejects the drink and requests an alcohol-free Heineken.

“I’m working,” Craig explains as the Bond theme music kicks in.

Working? Well, Craig is certainly getting paid.

However, the choice may have a perfectly logical explanation. Take a look at the denied drink (pictured below). We’ll excuse the shaken part because tradition. But, the “Martini” in question is also inexplicably served with two iceballs in a coupe glass. For good measure, there’s some sort of orchid as a garnish. We’d probably turn it down also.

We should note that Bond’s affinity for the Martini is more the work of legendary film producer Albert R. Broccoli than Bond author Ian Fleming. In Fleming’s original Bond drinks, the MI6 agent was depicted a citizen of the world. Sure, he sipped Martinis, but his drink choice vernally varied based on locale, mood, and setting. For example, the spy also quaffed numerous Highballs, flutes of Champagne, and even a few Stingers.

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