Siberian Swine Raid Liquor Aisle

By Neat Pour Staff |

Drunk pigs are not unusual during the holidays, but in one recent case, that term took on a literal meaning. On Sunday, three brave boars provided instant internet fodder when they caroused around the Siberian town of Tyumen and then drank up two bottles of booze.

Local authorities reported that after a jailbreak from one local farmer, a mama pig and her two piglets took to the town. But, Siberia is cold, famously cold! So, the smart swine sought shelter in a local grocery store. And, that is where the viral video begins!

The pigs can seen entering the store where they briefly sniffed around the butcher’s display. However, the trio ultimately sniffed out the good stuff.

The mama pig led them to the liquor aisle where she deftly maneuvered two bottle off the shelf using her snout. In the porcine equivalent of the bottle top challenge, she opened two bottles without her hands (meaning they cracked open after hitting the floor.) Then, the hogs went to work , lapping every drop of the brandy off of the floor. (At least, they didn’t use single use plastic straws!)

A confused customer can be heard griping, “Is this a pig sty or a store, people?”

Yet, all’s well that ends well. Employees eventually shooed the pigs out of the store. Police then took custody of the animals and eventually returned them to their home on the farm according to

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