Mirror Ball: Hacha’s Moment

By Lisa Parker |

Hacha seems to be having a moment. Within months of the bar’s spring 2019 opening, Hacha’s signature Mirror Margarita was first voted Time Out’s 7th best cocktail in the world in 2019 and awarded the Cocktail of the Year honor at 2020’s Class Bar Awards

However, the original Mirror Margarita is only the beginning of the conversation that owner Deano Moncrieffe initiated with guests. After establishing his agave bonafides and helping a both newbies and pros explore the category, Moncrieffe is changing the topic to new evolutions of his celebrated recipe.

Just in time for National Margarita Day on February 22, Hacha is launching a Mirror Margarita menu that aims to reframe the legendary libation. Like the first, crystal clear Mirror Margarita, the variations on the list surprise and delight the palate without the clutter and noise of excessive garnishes, flashy glasses, or even color.

A New Spin On A Classic

What makes these cocktails so special is the thought and precision that goes into their development. The margaritas are deceptively simple to look at, clear as water. But when you take your first sip..surprise! The flavors meld both the profiles of the Tex-Mex margarita and a Tommy’s Margarita. Tequila flavors open up with each sip. 

Each cocktail employs judicious use of paired citrus to bring out the unique notes of the spirit. Orange zest brings out the sweetness in the initially smoky Mirror Mezcal Margarita. The lightly carbonated Mirror Margarita Highball utilizes mint and eucalyptus in addition to lemon and lime zest to draw out the more delicate notes of the tequila. Each cocktail is also served at its own specific temperature, to highlight the taste within…nothing is left to chance.

A calm temple to agave [Courtesy Hacha]

The Setting

Moncrieffe created a special space for agave spirits to come to life The key atmospheric elements at Hacha create a sense of calm that lets patrons really feel the agave of it all. There’s music, but it’s not too loud. There are many tequilas and mezcals available in flights, but they are not overwhelming; rather, the selection is a carefully curated and continuously updated. I appreciate being spared a wall comprised of hundreds spirits that I couldn’t hope to get my head around. 

And, of course, the cocktails have been carefully developed, with an intention that combines Moncrieffe’s minimalist aesthetic with a deep appreciation for the classics. The space is accessible and relaxed, like a lazy summer afternoon. Hacha’s done all the thinking, all you need to do is sit back, take a sip and relax.

Hacha is located at 378 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA.

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