Wicked Winos: Costly Cuvées Stolen From A Couple Copenhagen Caves In Hollywood Heist

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Something is rotten in Denmark! This week, thieves in Copenhagen staged a pair heists that displayed a flair for the the dramatic… and some excellent taste in wines. Bandits struck the cellars of two fine dining restaurants in the city and made off with some legendary cuvées worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On Sunday (2.23) night, a week after Formel B officially retained their Michelin star, burglars tunneled (yes, tunneled!) into the restaurant’s wine cellar and absconded with an impressive list of bottles.

The tunnel in [Courtesy Formel B]

“The thieves have specifically gone for our rare wines with very high market value,” Formel B owners Rune Jochumsen and Kristian Arpe-Møller wrote on Facebook. “We know that the burglar has taken up to 50-60 bottles, all the bottles of Domaine de la Romanée, Domain Du Conte-Belair and Domaine Leroy, and we can certainly say that too much over a million dollars has disappeared.”

Some of the prize bottles stolen include 2014 Romanée-Saint-Living, Grand Crus, Domaine Leroy; 2014 Romanée-Conti, Grand Crus, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti; and 2017 La Romanée, Grand Crus, Domaineb of Count Liger-Belair.

The list of stolen of bottles [Courtesy Formel B]

Then, midweek, Sushi Anaba (also in Copenhagen), announced that they, too, were the victims of thirsty thieves. “Unfortunately, we were hit by burglaries over the weekend, by someone who unfortunately knew about wines and knew what to take. We had stolen a large amount of champagne and wine,” wrote owner Mads Battefeld on social.

Anaba reported that their losses included Taittinger, Comte de Champagne; Pol Roger; Krug; Pierre Jouet; Domaine Servin; Sin Humble; Domaine Duvissat; and Domaine Dagueneau.

No additional details about Anaba burglary were disclosed. Likewise, police did not comment about whether the two heists were related.

The producers involved have been notified as have several prominent wine sellers and resellers.

No arrests have been made to date. Anyone with information pertaining to the crimes is asked to contact the Copenhagen police department.

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